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  • Is there a limited warranty for Brand SSD and Brand CARD?

    Branded SSD

    Samsung warrants to the purchaser of the product in its original sealed packaging that the product is free from defects in material and workmanship, subject to the conditions stated herein, for the shorter of :

    the limited warranty period, which duration is specified in the table of Limited Warranty Condition below, beginning on the date the product was purchased in its original sealed packaging;


    the period ending on the date when the ssd has exceeded its TBW (Total Bytes Written) threshold as may be indicated by Samsung’s Magician software (for specific information on this threshold,
    please refer to the data sheet for your particular ssd product, which is available at www.samsung.com/ssd or www.samsung.com/samsungssd )

    Limited Warranty Condition (Period and TBW)

    Product Capacity Product Warranty Policy (Period or TBW)
    750 EVO 120GB 3 years or 35 TB TBW
    250GB 3 years or 70 TB TBW
    500GB 3 years or 100 TB TBW
    830 Series 64GB/128GB/256GB/512GB 3 years
    840 Series 120GB/250GB/500GB 3 years
    840 PRO Series 128GB/256GB/512GB 5 years
    (73 TB TBW for enterprise applications)
    840 EVO Series 120GB/250GB/500GB/750GB/1TB 3 years
    845 DC EVO Series 240 GB 5 years or 150 TBW
    480 GB 5 years or 300 TBW
    960 GB 5 years or 600 TBW
    845 DC PRO Series 400 GB 5 years or 7,300 TBW
    800 GB 5 years or 14,600 TBW
    850 EVO Series 120GB/250GB 5 years or 75 TB TBW
    500GB/1TB 5 years or 150 TB TBW
    2TB/4TB 5 years or 300 TB TBW
    850 PRO Series 128 GB / 256 GB / 512 GB / 1 TB 10 years or 150 TBW
    2 TB 10 years or 300 TBW
    950 PRO 256 GB 5 years or 200 TBW
    512 GB 5 years or 400 TBW

    Note ) In the event that a valid proof of purchase is not available, the limited warranty period will be determined by the date of manufacture.
    If SSD warranty replacement is required, please contact the service center.
    Return the drive only. Do not send the accessories as they cannot be returned.
    No support without warranty for reverse exported product.
    If SSD is damaged during delivery to the service center, Samsung can reject the warranty replacement request. Be careful to package the SSD securely to prevent it from damage during delivery.
    If your product is replaced, we cannot back up your data for you. Please back up your data before sending the product to the service center.

    Branded CARD

    This warranty is provided to the original end user purchasing from an authorized reseller, and is not transferable. Proof of purchase may be required.
    The product must be used in a device that is compliant with the specifications of the Compact Flash Association or SD Card Association, as applicable; use with any other device voids this warranty.
    Samsung is not responsible for any failure or defect caused by any third party product, software or component, whether authorized or not.
    This warranty is void if the product was not used in accordance with its instructions or was damaged as a result of improper installation, misuse, unauthorized repair, modification or accident.
    Samsung does not warrant, and shall not be responsible for, any lost data or files contained in any product (including in any returned product), regardless of the cause of the loss.
    Samsung SD Cards and Micro SD Cards are not intended to be used for continuous recording purposes for example, in surveillance systems such as a car-black box.
    The product must not be used in life support systems or other applications where failure could threaten injury or life.

    Warranty Period

    Product Micro SD Card SD Card
    Standard 5 years 5 years
    EVO (Plus) 10 years 10 years
    PRO 10 years 10 years

  • Does modifying or tampering my Samsung SSD void the warranty?

    Yes, modifying or tampering with the Samsung SSD in any way voids Samsung’s warranty on the SSD.

  • What happens after I send my SSD to a Samsung service center?

    After receiving your SSD, S-ASC(Samsung-Authorized Service Center) will evaluate any damage and authenticate the serial number and the model code to verify that the warranty is valid.
    After authentication, S-ASC will screen the SSD for any problems.
    If there is any problem with the returned SSD, S-ASC will replace the drive with another SSD and mail it back to you.
    If no problems are detected, S-ASC will return the original SSD to you.
    For your reference, most returned SSDs have no problems.
    Please read the install guide and FAQs carefully before you return your product so you are not inconvenienced by an unnecessary return.

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