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Leading the World in Process

Process Technology

As a dedicated Foundry with firsts in HKMG, FinFET, EUV, and GAA, we enable you to push your products faster and further. With continuing improvements in performance and scalability, we’re enabling new markets in AI/ML, HPC, Crypto, Mobile, and Automotive.

  • Logic Nodes

    Logic Node

    We’re fueling transformation at every level of chip production—from 180nm to 3nm and beyond. Samsung Foundry offers a wide spectrum of process technologies, with every solution bringing leaps in power, performance, and scalability.
    From legacy processes to bleeding edge advancements, we’re taking chip performance further for every industry.

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  • Specialty Technology

    Smarter cameras. More responsive vehicles. Sharper high resolution
    displays. Samsung’s Specialty Technologies go beyond standard logic
    processes to power a world of chip advancements. Delivering
    breakthroughs in performance and power saving, we create scalable
    solutions in eNVM, RF, CIS, HV, BCD, and more.

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    Specialty Technology

Advanced packaging for HPC

networking chip designs

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