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Samsung Foundry Forum &
SAFE™ Forum 2022

Find inspiration. Meet exceptional people.
Leave with actionable new ideas.

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  • Access to exclusive SFF & SAFE™ Forum 2022

    Access to exclusive
    SFF & SAFE™ Forum 2022

  • The next step on your Entrepreneurial Journey

    The next step on your
    Entrepreneurial Journey

  • Explore creative intersections for future business

    Explore networking opportunities
    for future business

Sustainability for All

  • Staying Healthy

    Walk together
    for a healthier life

    "SAIRO" aims for a path of communication and cooperation while providing a healing experience through walking to those who are tired of busy work and daily life.

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  • OurPlanet

    Staying Healthy

    The planet where
    we meet our Earth,
    our ecosystem,
    and our future

    OUR PLANET is a lounge designed to deliver information on various ESG activities Samsung has been performing for a sustainable future to the employees in an easy and interesting way. It was named OUR PLANET because not only does this lounge show Samsung Semiconductor’s eco-friendly and social contribution activities, but also that such activities are performed by all of us.

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  • Community Engagement

    We are not seeing the end of protection, but the start of

    since 2015, Samsung has been supporting these young people who are forced to leave protective services and make their way on their own, helping them prepare for an independent life in a safe environment by offering shelter and practical help in everyday matters.

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  • Reduce & Reuse

    Our chips turn waste
    into the energy

    Our bright future is built on efforts to reuse waste. The Earth and environment are the start and end of our journey. By reducing the amount of resources we use and recycling them after use, we can turn waste into energy and energy into life in a continuous cycle.

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Automotive memory

Samsung’s wide selection of DRAM and Flash memory lets you build optimized systems with confidence and ease. Our plug-and-play solutions provide exceptional speed and ample capacity with outstanding energy efficiency.

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to the 5G era

5G is no longer a technology of the future. Advancements in technologies are making it a reality. Samsung semiconductor can help businesses master this new era of connectivity.

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AI is

A new wave of artificial intelligence is transforming how we interact with and leverage technology. Find out what AI is and how Samsung semiconductor is taking it to the next level.

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Big Data

Digital revolution
and big data

From high performance computing to innovative cloud computing and data center systems, Samsung can empower organizations to leverage cutting-edge analytics to reach their goals.

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redesigned to advance AI

Samsung is accelerating the capabilities of AI by becoming the first company in the industry to integrate Processing-in-Memory (PIM) in High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) configurations.

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the path to possibilities

Samsung has implemented EUV advanced processing to overcome the limitations of DRAM scaling in advance and lead the next generation of memory manufacturing.

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