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Automotive memory

Samsung’s wide selection of DRAM and Flash memory lets you build optimized systems with confidence and ease. Our plug-and-play solutions provide exceptional speed and ample capacity with outstanding energy efficiency.

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to the 5G era

5G is no longer a technology of the future. Advancements in technologies are making it a reality. Samsung semiconductor can help businesses master this new era of connectivity.

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AI is

A new wave of artificial intelligence is transforming how we interact with and leverage technology. Find out what AI is and how Samsung semiconductor is taking it to the next level.

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Big Data

Digital revolution
and big data

From high performance computing to innovative cloud computing and data center systems, Samsung can empower organizations to leverage cutting-edge analytics to reach their goals.

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redesigned to advance AI

Samsung is accelerating the capabilities of AI by becoming the first company in the industry to integrate Processing-in-Memory (PIM) in High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) configurations.

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the path to possibilities

Samsung has implemented EUV advanced processing to overcome the limitations of DRAM scaling in advance and lead the next generation of memory manufacturing.

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