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Set a new standard for mobile performance

Lightning fast downloads, groundbreaking app performance, a massive storage capacity – Samsung UFS (Universal Flash Storage) is memory built to make flagship devices faster, with a form factor that leaves room for all new possibilities.

UFS 4.0

Take your flagship smartphones further. UFS 4.0 is flash storage built for a smarter, slimmer, more powerful era of mobile. With a massive 1TB capacity, it delivers double the speed of the previous generation and 46% better efficiency – removing speed bottlenecks for faster smartphones, smoother VR, and more responsive driving experiences.

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UFS 3.1

This is flash storage engineered to keep up with the growing demands of 5G. Up to a terabyte of storage and incredible write speeds are packed into a slim form factor perfect for mobile devices and automotive solutions. That means less buffering and more space — so you can take full advantage of revolutionary 5G - enabled products.

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Applications for UFS