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Samsung Magician Software

  • For Consumer Storage

    Samsung Magician Software is designed to work with all Samsung memory products including internal SSDs, portable SSDs, memory cards and USB flash drives. Please note that supported features may vary when used with drives from other manufacturers or Samsung OEM drives. For more information, please visit the following link:
    Magician Software

    For Android™

    Version 8.1.0

    Magician Software Installation Guide

    Magician Software Open Source Announcement

    * Notice : Latest version of Magician software is recommended for optimal performance.

    Release Notes

    Samsung Magician 8.1.0
    UX Improvements
    • We've made some user experience (UX) improvements to make the software easier to use.
    System details
    • Magician 8.1 provides detailed system information, including USB ports and PCIe slots on your device.
    Samsung Magician 8.0.0
    Expanded OS Support
    • Magician is available not only for Windows® but also for macOS® and Android™. Feature availability may vary depending on the operating system and connected devices. For more details, please visit the Magician page.
    Expanded Product Support
    • Magician now supports all of Samsung's branded memory storage products, including internal SSDs, portable SSDs, SD cards, and USB flash drives.
    System Details
    • Magician 8.0 shows information such as chipset, mainboard, and available memory slots.
    • Users can find information about their available memory slots and their corresponding interfaces.
    Newsroom & Notice Board
    • Newsroom and Notice Board provide up-to-date information regarding new product releases and firmware updates.
    Genuine Authentication
    • The visibility of genuine product authentication is enhanced with Magician 8.0.
    Skin Theme
    • Users can choose between a dark or light skin theme from the settings menu.
    Samsung Magician 7.2.0
    Revision Date : 2022/8/2
    LED Setting
    Using LED Setting feature, you can check LED effect previously before applying changed LED effect to SSD.
    • 1.LED Effect: You can enable/disable LED effect by clicking a toggle.
    • 2.Mode : You can change LED mode by selecting mode.
    • 3.Color: You can change LED color by selecting color or adjusting RGB value.
    Data Migration
    Data Migration is designed to help you migrate all of your data quickly, easily, and safely from your existing storage device (e.g. HDD) to a new Samsung SSD. With the Data Migration, you can easily migrate your current operating system, application software, and user data to your new Samsung SSD.
    • 1.Source Drive: You can check partition information which can be cloned from source drive.
    • 2.Target Drive: You can check partition information which will be cloned to target drive.
    Executing the feature
    • 1)Select Target Drive: You can check the partition information that will be copied to the destination drive.
    • 2)If there are 2 or more partitions in source drive, + button would be in the right side of each partition. If you want the partition to be copied, click the + button.
    • 3)If there are 2 or more partitions in target drive, X button would be in the right side of each partition. If you want the partition not to be copied, click the X button.
    • *When the content of the Source Drive (e.g. HDD) is cloned using this, all data on the Target Drive (Samsung SSD) will be deleted and will be impossible to recover. Therefore, if you have stored any data that you would like to keep on the Target Drive, please back it up in advance.
    • *Samsung Electronics assumes no responsibility for any loss of data that may occur on the Target Drive in the course of using this and will not be held liable for data recovery services. Even if the cloning fails, data stored on the Source Drive will not be affected.
    • *If you are cloning the Source Drive to the Target Drive (Samsung NVMe SSD) using this, make sure that you install the Samsung NVMe Driver first.
    Samsung Magician 7.0.1
    Revision Date : 2021/8/2
    Security Setting
    The Security Setting feature is available only for the Samsung Portable SSD. You can manage your password and fingerprint of the drive.
    • 1.Security Mode: You can enable/disable Security Mode by clicking a toggle.
    • 2.Change: You can change your password.
    • 3.Fingerprint Lock : You can enable/disable a Fingerprint Lock function by clicking a toggle.
    • 4.Edit: You can manage the registered fingerprints.
    • 5.Add : You can register a new fingerprint.
    Executing the feature
    • 1)Enable Security Mode.
    • 2-1)Set the password.
    • 2-2)Enable Fingerprint Lock and manage fingerprint.
    Help Center
    You can check the FAQ and get information about the solution to resolve an error that occurred while the Magician operating.
    • 1.Recommends how to solve the issue based on the feature while using Samsung Magician.
    • 2.It shows FAQ. You can open Help window by clicking the Help tab.
    • 3.You can run a Chatbot feature by clicking the Chatbot tab.(Only suppoted for english)
    • 4.It shows new SSD. You can access to official site by cilcking it.
    You can get the information related to the Samsung Magician whenever you want using Chatbot.
    • 1.You can choose whether you satisfied with the answer or not.
    • 2.Where you enter a question.



  • Samsung NVMe™ Driver (2)

    This driver supports Samsung NVMe™ SSD 970 PRO, 970 EVO, 970 EVO Plus, 960 PRO, 960 EVO and 950 PRO.

    NVMe™ Driver Installation Guide

    * Notice : The driver supports Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
    Recommended minimum system configuration is Intel Haswell Refresh Processor, 2GB RAM, 50MB free disk space and UEFI Bios v2.3.
    * Enhanced security for installation

Samsung SSD Toolkit for Data center

Portable SSD Software

As Portable SSD Software has been integrated into Magician Software, Magician Software is the only software available for all Samsung consumer memory products and portable SSD Software will no longer be available for download after April 15th, 2024.
  • Portable SSD Software Compatibility Troubleshooting Guide for MacOS

    For information on troubleshooting, please download the following guide or refer to the steps below.

    Portable SSD Software Compatibility Troubleshooting Guide for MacOS


    macOS security policies are continuously updated, so some users may encounter software that is not distributed by Apple incompatible with macOS. Portable SSD Software included in Samsung Portable SSDs may run into such incompatibility issue.


    A "System Extension Blocked" message appears when installing Samsung Portable SSD Software.

    System Extension Blocked Alert Image on the Mac OS

    Example of error message

    “No Samsung Portable SSD is connected.” message appears even though the Samsung Portable SSD Software has been installed on the device running macOS

    Warning alert pop-up image to alert Samsung Portable SSD is disconnected from Mac OS

    Example of error message

    Troubleshooting Guide

    The issues vary depending on the macOS version. If you encounter a problem when running the Samsung Portable SSD software on macOS, please follow the steps below:

    1. 1. Check which version of macOS your system is running and whether you have the latest version1 of the Portable SSD Software (version 1.6.6 or higher).
      The latest version of the Portable SSD Software can be found at
      Please note that the software for the T7 Touch and T7 is different from the software for previous generations of portable SSD (T5, X5, and lower).

      1 Please refer to the following link for more details on how to find out your macOS version -
    2. 2. Change software settings in your system running macOS in order to use the software.

      Open "Security & Privacy" in the "System Preferences" menu.

      Click the "Allow" button next to the message, “System software from developer "Samsung Electronics" was blocked from loading”.

      Image adjusting the security and the privacy settings, when Samsung Portable SSD is disconnected from the Mac OS.

      Security & Privacy settings

      Re-connect your Portable SSD to the device running macOS system and execute the Samsung Portable SSD Software.

    3. 3. If the problem continues, delete and re-install the Samsung Portable SSD Software.
    4. 4. If the problem does not get resolved even after following the troubleshooting guidelines, please contact an authorized Samsung service center.
  • Samsung Portable SSD Software for T7 | T7 Touch | T7 Shield

    Portable SSD Software 1.0 for Windows

    Portable SSD Software 1.0 for Mac

    Portable SSD Software Compatibility Troubleshooting Guide for MacOS

  • Samsung Portable SSD Software for T5, X5 (3)

    As for the Portable SSD SW version Prior to 1.6.10, please download the latest version and reinstall it.

    * Release includes improved security.

    Portable SSD Software for Windows

    Portable SSD Software for Mac

    Portable SSD Software Compatibility Troubleshooting Guide for MacOS

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