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Samsung Foundry:

What we do

Samsung started its foundry business in 2005 to provide cutting-edge technologies to a broad market. Samsung Foundry has decades of manufacturing experience with revolutionary semiconductors. As a leading edge foundry, we collaborate with customers across the globe to relentlessly drive towards the development of the cutting-edge technologies. Along with our state-of-the-art process technologies, we provide clients with value-added solutions from the Foundation Library, PDK (Process Design Kit), DM (Design Methodology), and Design Service to IP (intellectual property) enablement, packaging technology, and cloud service. Customers can rely on our deep expertise in advanced processes and design technologies, which is backed by a history of proven high-volume manufacturing.

The Growing Importance of the

Samsung Foundry

System semiconductors are powering Industry 4.0 technologies such as 5G, self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence, and high-performance computing. Accelerated data computing speeds and increased data volumes are spurring demand for highly efficient, and high-performance system semiconductors. At the same time, diversification of applications means growing demand from fabless customers for semiconductors across a varied range of specs. In brief, the foundry industry is a critical sector for future semiconductors, and demand exploding from fabless clients looking for fabs to produce their system semiconductors is exploding. Increasingly, foundries involve investment of astronomical scale as well as ultra-advanced technology, resulting in only a handful of the world’s many semiconductor companies are up to the task.

The Achievements of
Samsung Foundry

Leadership at the forefront of technology requires constant reinvention. Samsung Foundry has scaled down from 2012’s planar 28nm to the industry’s first GAA (Gate-All-Around) in 3nm. We led the foundry industry in the adoption of EUV (Extreme Ultra Violet) technology, starting with the 7nm node. In 2022, we ramped up an optimization of GAA with MBCFET™ (Multi-Bridge-Channel FET™) technology at 3nm. We also offer specialty technologies including RF, eMRAM, high-voltage, BCD, BSI CIS, SPAD and fingerprint sensors. Together with our SAFE™ (Samsung Advanced Foundry Ecosystem) partners, Samsung Foundry offers a full range of verified EDA solutions, product proven IPs, exceptional design services, and packaging & testing services.

Prospects for
Samsung Foundry

Major investments are well underway, further expanding our US-based semiconductor manufacturing footprint (est. 2007) with new fabs in Taylor, TX. Samsung Foundry enables customers to develop and bring their latest ideas to market with cutting-edge technologies and a global fab footprint.