Here you’ll find frequently asked questions and solutions for your computing life upgraded
with Samsung V-NAND SSD.

  • Is it possible to update the firmware of Samsung Portable SSD on the iPhone 15 series?

    Firmware update of the Portable SSD is not possible while connected to the iPhone 15 series. You can update the firmware to the latest version by connecting the Samsung Portable SSD to a Windows or Mac PC and installing Samsung Magician software.

  • Can I use the Samsung Portable SSD software to update firmware and software?

    Samsung recommends using the latest firmware and Magician software. Regular updates are needed to maintain the latest version of firmware and software and add customer experience improvements, including operational stability and performance optimization.

    The Samsung SSD firmware can be updated on a PC (Windows or macOS) using the Samsung SSD Magician software and Samsung Portable SSD software.

    The latest version of Magician software can be downloaded from the Samsung website.

    www.samsung.com/ssd or www.samsung.com/samsungssd

    If new firmware for the Samsung Portable SSD is available, a "New Version (Version Number)" message will appear next to the Update Button on the firmware update screen.


    Please back up data and close all running applications before updating the firmware. (except Samsung Magician and Portable SSD software)

    Do not turn off power while the firmware is updating.

    Reconnection of the Portable SSD is required after the update is complete.

  • If new firmware is installed on the existing SSD, will the data stored on that drive be deleted?

    The process for updating firmware does not affect the data stored on the drive. However, backing up your data to another drive before updating the firmware is strongly recommended to reduce the risk of any eventuality.

  • Is it possible to downgrade the firmware from the latest version to a previous version?

    No. Once the firmware is upgraded, it cannot be reverted to the previous version. All firmware versions are thoroughly tested before release to ensure optimization in terms of performance, stability, and compatibility, so there is no need to go back to the previous firmware version.

  • How can I check if Samsung Magician is up to date?

    To check the information about the installed version of Samsung Magician and whether the installed version is the latest version of Samsung Magician, click the Update button at the bottom left of the Samsung Magician main screen. Visit Samsung.com for the latest information. Download link: To download the latest software & manuals, visit the following website:

    www.samsung.com/samsungssd or www.samsung.com/magician

  • What is the Magician software?

    The Samsung Magician software is designed specifically for Samsung brand SSDs.

    It enables specialized SSD management such as Firmware Update, Disk Health Status, Secure Erase, and Total Bytes Written, but it does not support non-Samsung brand SSDs.

    For detailed information about the Magician software, including system requirements and limitations, please refer to the Magician Software Installation Guide at www.samsung.com/samsungssd or www.samsung.com/magician