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Pyeongtaek Campus of Samsung Semiconductor, creating sustainable future value with innovation technology

Technology that makes technology sustainable
Technology that makes technology sustainable
Technology that makes technology

Samsung Semiconductor:

for a sustainable future

With innovative technology,

we create sustainable future value.

We strive to minimize our impact on nature throughout each stage of our process,

from responsible raw material selection, product development, and production to disposal.

As a global leader, we fulfill our social responsibilities and contribute to all of humanity.

Our tiny but powerful semiconductors give life to your imagination.

Samsung Semiconductor is moving onward with technology that makes technology sustainable.

Samsung Semiconductor has established goals of minimizing environmental impact in the areas of carbon, water, waste, and pollutants through eco-conscious innovative technology.






100% renewable energy
powering our overseas business locations

A platinum rating under the Zero Waste to Landfill certification scheme for all Samsung Semiconductor business sites

Keep water withdrawal to 2021 levels in 2030

99.9% Waste recycling by 2030
* Excludes waste designated for landfill by law

Air/Water pollutants in a natural state by 2040
* [Air] Natural atmosphere * [Water quality] Upper stream level

Net zero by 2050
(Scope 1, 2)

Creating a sustainable
through advanced



  • Samsung Semiconductor’s
    developed index, SEPI

  • From raw materials to disposal, efforts to reduce carbon

  • Our efforts to reduce the use of
    greenhouse gases

  • Our chips turn waste into the energy

  • We awarded the highest level of AWS through innovative technology

Drive for environmental

Our goals and actions
for a sustainable future

Samsung Semiconductor makes environmental sustainability a priority in every facet of our business. We strive to build a sustainable future by developing technology that makes technology sustainable.

With technology at the core we aim to minimized climate impact by meticulously managing every aspect of our business operation from raw material selection, product development, and from manufacturing to disposal.

Here, we share with you some of Samsung Semiconductor's environmental goals, actions for the climate and also some of our key initiatives.

Paving the way for a sustainable
future with eco-friendly technology

As part of our relentless pursuit of a greener tomorrow, we continue to try reduce carbon emissions in all stages of our manufacturing process, from using less raw materials to recycling product waste. Find out more about our approaches.

The logo for the Carbon Trust Triple Standard for Carbon, Water and Waste

For the first time in the industry, Samsung Semiconductor has been awarded the Triple Standard for carbon, water, and waste by the Carbon Trust.

Samsung Semiconductor has been integrating environmental sustainability into every aspect of the manufacturing process. As a result, we have seen a significant reduction in the amount of carbon emissions, water use, and waste discharge across all sites. And in recognition of our long-term efforts,
Samsung Semiconductor was awarded the industry’s first-ever Triple Standard for carbon, water, and waste by Carbon Trust.

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