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From south of Seoul to north of Austin, our foundry superhighway builds and delivers the chips to make the world-class devices with almost two decades of reliable capacity and best-in-class cycle times.

Manufacturing Excellence
Across the Map

      • Line-6

        Giheung, Korea

      • S1-Line

        Giheung, Korea

      • S3-Line

        Hwaseong, Korea

      • S4-Line

        Hwaseong, Korea

      • S5-Line

        Pyeongtaek, Korea

      • S6-Line

        Pyeongtaek, Korea

      • S2-Line

        Austin, Texas, USA

      • U.S. Taylor Fab

        Taylor, Texas, USA

Specialized Manufacturing Across the
U.S. and Korea

Specialized Manufacturing Across the U.S. and Korea
Inch Line City Node Product Application
8 inch 6 Line Giheung Matured
  • Sensors
  • Power IC
  • Discrete
  • eFlash
  • Logic
12 inch S1 Giheung Matured
  • Smart Mobile Platform
  • High Performance
    Computing/Datacenter Platform
  • Automotive Electronics Platform
  • Home and Industrial IoT Platform
  • Personal Computing Platform
S2 Austin Matured
S3 Hwaseong Matured & Advanced
S5 Pyeongtaek Advanced
S6 Advanced
Taylor Advanced

Korean Sites: Rewriting the Story of Innovation

It all began here. Our South Korean fab network forms a triad (Giheung, Hwaseong, and Pyeongtaek) of knowledge sharing and fast transport where we manufacture chips for the world-changing devices. Three world-class facilities within about 18-mile radius collaborate to supercharge development and streamline customer services, while teams of the world-class scientists, engineers, and subject matter experts are on hand to tackle even the most complex manufacturing challenges.

Our Innovation Triad

Strategically positioned just south of Seoul, the Giheung fab was founded in 1983; it specialized in mainstream nodes ranging from 350nm to 8nm solutions. We took innovation further with our Hwaseong fab in 2000, employed the latest R&D and production capabilities including breakthrough EUV. Hwaseong now produces the 10nm to 3nm processes that power the leading edge products. Completing the trio, our state-of-the-art Pyeongtaek fab now mass produces further advanced nodes as we seek new frontiers and push the boundaries of Moore’s law.

U.S. Sites: Everything is Bigger in Texas

Expanding the Samsung Foundry footprint across the U.S., the Austin and Taylor fabs—located within about 30 miles of each other—are designed to increase capacity and flexibility for a growing network of manufacturing customers. Equivalent in complexity to Korea’s fabs, the two sites draw on thousands of talented experts and technologists across the continent to support an endless variety of products, making each foundry facility more than the sum of its parts.

The largest single fab in the U.S. is in Austin. In operation since 1996, the Austin fab provides stable manufacturing of 65nm to 14nm processes. Expanding those boundaries in service and production scale is the new 5 million m2 fab in Taylor, scheduled to start mass production in 2024. Support from the nearby Austin site and deep cooperation from Korea’s manufacturing network ensure Taylor fab will help scale up Samsung Foundry’s global manufacturing from its launch.