Samsung SSD Magician Software
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Own a Samsung SSD? No matter which model you have, realizing the full potential of your SSD is easier than ever before. Samsung Magician’s intuitive user interface puts an advanced suite of optimization tools at your fingertips. Maximize performance of your internal SSD and portable SSD by monitoring drive health and customizing your SSD
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Drive information

Swift access to key
indicators of your SSD’s status and health
An image of Samsung Magician Software displaying drive details on the laptop screen.
  • Integrative Drive Health Check

    Access the status of your SSDs at a glance on a real-time basis over many
    criteria including over-provisioning ratios, optimization rates, and diagnostic scans.

  • SSD Authenticity

    Confirm the authenticity of your drive to ensure you have access to the superior performance and reliability that only comes from a genuine
    Samsung SSD.

  • S.M.A.R.T. Check

    Check S.M.A.R.T. to inspect your SSD and detect possible drive Failure
    before it happens.

Drive management

Maintain your drive’s
health and boost performance
An illustrative image of Samsung Magician Software's Performance Benchmark feature.
  • Performance Benchmark

    Check that your SSD is maintaining the highest performance possible. Specific conditions such as the test volume, number of tests, chunk size, number of threads, and more can be adjusted to customize your benchmark tests.

  • Performance Optimization

    Restore the performance of your SSD from degradation
    by performance enhancement (TRIM) and achieve faster performance through RAPID Mode which is intelligent DRAM caching of data.

    • *RAPID (Real-Time Accelerated Processing of I/O Data) Mode fully supported with proper system requirements. For example:
    • 1) Window® 7 OS and above versions
    • 2) 2GB RAM System memory or more
  • Diagnostic Scan

    Identify and fix potential problems with partial or full scans to maintain your drive’s capabilities.

  • Over Provisioning

    Resize partitions to ensure your drive has enough free space to effectively
    carry out routine maintenance, such as TRIM and Garbage Collection. The over-provisioning feature helps the SSD prepare free blocks, which improves performance and extends your drive’s life span.

    • *Over Provisioning is not supported for Windows® XP.
  • Customized Power Efficiency1)

    When using performance optimization, you can set four modes according to your preferences: (1) Full Performance Mode maximizes the performance
    of the SSD, (2) Power Saving Mode increases power efficiency, (3) Standard Mode sets the SSD to use power at a moderate level, and (4)
    Custom Mode allows you to customize the power usage of your SSD.

    • 1)Only available on NVMe which supports Full Power Mode.

Data management

Manage and protect
valuable data on your SSD
An illustrative image of Samsung Magician Software's Secure Erase feature.
  • Secure Erase

    Permanently delete sensitive data without compromising
    the functionality of your SSD.

  • PSID Revert

    Unlock and reset your drive to its factory setting by entering
    the 32- character PSID password printed on the drive label.

  • Encrypted Drive

    Activate Encrypted Drive to protect private and sensitive data. Magician
    lets you review your drive’s current security settings and helps you with the security setup process.

    • *Encrypted Drive (BitLocker Drive Encryption) is a data protection feature available in Windows® 8 Pro,
      Windows® 8 Enterprise, and all editions of Windows® Server 2012.

Help center

Troubleshoot and receive
assistance with your SSD
An image of a man scanning for drive information using the Samsung Magician Software.
  • Information Check & Update

    Review compatibility checks and system and drive information, including model name, serial number, and firmware version. In addition, receive reminders and keep track of updates to enhance your drive’s performance.

  • Help Center

    Help Center provides a variety of solutions and tips for any user questions.
    Contents of the Help Center are provided in various languages.

  • Chatbot

    The Chatbot provides smart answers to your questions immediately.
    Search for the information you need whenever you want without having to call a customer service center.

    • * Chatbot system is currently available only in English.


Download now to keep your drive current and the performance up with this essential software toolkit.

980 PRO
with Heatsink

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-V8P1T0CW (1TB)
    • MZ-V8P2T0CW (2TB)

980 PRO

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-V8P250BW (250GB)
    • MZ-V8P500BW (500GB)
    • MZ-V8P1T0BW (1TB)


  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-V8V250BW (250GB)
    • MZ-V8V500BW (500GB)
    • MZ-V8V1T0BW (1TB)

970 PRO

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-V7P512BW (512 GB)
    • MZ-V7P1T0BW (1,024 GB)

970 EVO

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-V7E250BW (250 GB)
    • MZ-V7E500BW (500 GB)
    • MZ-V7E1T0BW (1,000 GB)
    • MZ-V7E2T0BW (2,000 GB)

970 EVO Plus

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-V7S250BW (250 GB)
    • MZ-V7S500BW (500 GB)
    • MZ-V7S1T0BW (1,000 GB)

960 PRO

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-V6P512BW (512 GB)
    • MZ-V6P1T0BW (1 TB)
    • MZ-V6P2T0BW (2 TB)

960 EVO

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-V6E250BW (250 GB)
    • MZ-V6E500BW (500 GB)
    • MZ-V6E1T0BW (1 TB)

950 PRO

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-VKV256 (256 GB)
    • MZ-VKV512 (512 GB)

870 EVO

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-77E250 (250GB)
    • MZ-77E500 (500GB)
    • MZ-77E1T0 (1,000GB)
    • MZ-77E2T0 (2,000GB)
    • MZ-77E4T0 (4,000GB)

870 QVO

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ 77Q1T0 (1TB)
    • MZ 77Q2T0 (2TB)
    • MZ 77Q4T0 (4TB)
    • MZ 77Q8T0 (8TB)

860 PRO

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-76P256BW (256 GB)
    • MZ-76P512BW (512 GB)
    • MZ-76P1T0BW (1,024 GB)
    • MZ-76P2T0BW (2,048 GB)
    • MZ-76P4T0BW (4,096 GB)

860 EVO

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-76E250BW (250 GB)
    • MZ-76E500BW (500 GB)
    • MZ-76E1T0BW (1,000 GB)
    • MZ-76E2T0BW (2,000 GB)
    • MZ-76E4T0BW (4,000 GB)

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-M6E250BW (250 GB)
    • MZ-M6E500BW (500 GB)
    • MZ-M6E1T0BW (1,000 GB)

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-N6E250BW (250 GB)
    • MZ-N6E500BW (500 GB)
    • MZ-N6E1T0BW (1,000 GB)
    • MZ-N6E2T0BW (2,000 GB)

860 QVO

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-76Q1T0BW (1,000 GB)
    • MZ-76Q2T0BW (2,000 GB)
    • MZ-76Q4T0BW (4,000 GB)

850 PRO

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-7KE256 (256 GB)
    • MZ-7KE512 (512 GB)
    • MZ-7KE1T0 (1 TB)
    • MZ-7KE2T0 (2 TB)
    • MZ-7KE4T0 (4 TB)

850 EVO

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-75E250 (250 GB)
    • MZ-75E500 (500 GB)
    • MZ-75E1T0 (1 TB)
    • MZ-75E2T0 (2 TB)
    • MZ-75E4T0 (4 TB)


  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-M5E120 (120 GB)
    • MZ-M5E250 (250 GB)
    • MZ-M5E500 (500 GB)
    • MZ-M5E1T0 (1 TB)

850 EVO M.2

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-N5E120 (120 GB)
    • MZ-N5E250 (250 GB)
    • MZ-N5E500 (500 GB)

840 PRO

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-7PD128 (128 GB)
    • MZ-7PD256 (256 GB)
    • MZ-7PD512 (512 GB)


  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MU-PC500 (500 GB)
    • MU-PC1T0 (1 TB)
    • MU-PC2T0 (2 TB))

T7 Touch

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MU-PC500 (500 GB)
    • MU-PC1T0 (1 TB)
    • MU-PC2T0 (2 TB)


  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MU-PA250 (250 GB)
    • MU-PA500 (500 GB)
    • MU-PA1T0 (1 TB)
    • MU-PA2T0 (2 TB)


  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MU-PB500 (500 GB)
    • MU-PB1T0 (1 TB)
    • MU-PB2T0 (2 TB)