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Innovation on a Global Scale

Building Nanometers Across Kilometers

Samsung Foundry’s integrated foundry network builds the chips that drive product innovation for our customers from factory robotics to telemedicine to the expanding digital frontier.

  • Manufacturing the Future

    Innovation doesn’t happen in isolation. Samsung Foundry’s multi-continent manufacturing network collaborates at the pace of our customers with a combined capacity to meet fast-changing needs across the time zones. Our integrated sites in the U.S. and Korea create a manufacturing super grid that protects customers from a global turbulence with the ability to ramp up production capacity while meeting best-in-class cycle times.

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  • Fab Automation

    Semiconductors are key to enabling many of the technologies that will define the future. Samsung Foundry's Fab Automation helps bring transformative technologies to market faster by producing high-quality products as efficiently as possible.

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  • Sustainable Manufacturing

    Samsung Foundry strives to provide customers with the best possible service while advancing sustainability at every turn.

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  • Multi Project Wafer Services

    Samsung’s Multi Project Wafer services open up new possibilities in design, IP validation, and prototyping, allowing customers to innovate new solutions at a fraction of the cost. Adaptable to a variety of process technologies, MPWs deliver the flexibility to bring any design to life. You can test multiple designs on a single wafer, while sharing mask costs to get more from every trial. Or sample new ideas by adding prototype designs to your wafer, so you can manage risk while exploring new frontiers.

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