Here you’ll find frequently asked questions and solutions for your computing life upgraded
with Samsung V-NAND SSD.

  • Does Samsung Portable SSD work with iPhone 15 series?

    Samsung Portable SSD supports the USB 3.2 interface, and is optimized to work with USB 2.0 based devices. Samsung Portable SSD products operate with as little as 2.5W (5V/0.5A) of power supply. In internal testing, the Portable SSD T7 product, T7 Shield product, and T9 product are successfully recognized and able to transfer data on iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

  • Which Samsung Portable SSD can record ProRes 4K 60fps video on iPhone 15 Pro & iPhone 15 Pro Max?

    According to Apple's official requirements (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT212832), when video recording in ProRes 4k 60fps on iPhone 15, the connected external storage device must have a maximum power consumption of less than 4.5W and requires sustained performance of 220MB/s or higher. Samsung Portable SSD products (T9, T7 Shield, T7) meet these requirements at room temperature(25°C) conditions. Through internal evaluation, Samsung confirmed that the Portable SSD T9, T7 Shield, and T7 are capable of recording ProRes 4K 60fps video on iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

  • Does the Samsung Portable SSD generate heat when shooting ProRes 4K 60fps video?

    Samsung Portable SSD is safely designed to prevent the surface temperature from rising above a certain temperature in accordance with the international safety standard IEC62368-1 to prevent users from experiencing low-temperature burns when using the product.

  • What cable should I use when using Samsung Portable SSD with the iPhone 15 series?

    Samsung recommends using the genuine USB Type-C Cable included with Samsung Portable SSD products. Non-genuine cables may result in the device not being recognized or performance degradation.

  • Can I use APFS File System on Samsung Portable SSD?

    Samsung Portable SSD can be formatted with APFS File System. For detailed file formatting methods, please refer to Apple’s formatting method. (https://support.apple.com/en-us/guide/disk-utility/dsku19ed921c/mac) Samsung Portable SSD is set to exFAT file system when first shipped. The exFAT file system also can be recognized by Mac and iPhone 15, and ProRes video recording is possible.

  • Can the PSSD X5 products be used with any system that has a USB-C (USB Type-C) port?

    No, it cannot. Only systems with a Thunderbolt (at least Gen 3) USB- C port marked with a lightning bolt symbol are available.

  • Can I use a Samsung Portable SSD on the TV or game console?

    Yes, you can. Disable the password protection feature freely to use the Samsung Portable SSD.

  • Can I change the password?

    The password can be changed through the Samsung SSD Magician software, Samsung Portable SSD software, or mobile app.

  • How many fingerprints can be registered on T7 Touch?

    You can register up to 4 fingerprints.

  • What is the condition for the water and dust resistance capabilities of the T7 Shield?

    The T7 Shield is IP65 rated. IP (Ingress Protection) rating and grade refer to water and dust resistance grades recognized through the test under controlled conditions. However, the water and dust resistance capabilities may vary, depending on the environmental conditions. The warranty does not cover damage caused by liquid or dust.

    The conditions for the IP65 test are as follows:

    IPX5 Test Condition: The device is exposed to fresh water projected from a nozzle (Φ6.3mm) at 12.5L/min for 3 minutes

    IP6X Test Condition: The device is exposed to 2kg/m³ of active dust with pressure under 2kPa for 8 hours in a vacuum chamber (This means resisting jet spray of low-pressure fresh water and intrusion from dust from any direction.)

    [Precautions for Use]

    If the product is wet, remove moisture with dry towel, tissue, etc. (joining part of a connector in particular). Immersion and humidity may cause failure, so dry the product fully before use.

    If the product gets wet or immersed in liquids (the product supporting the waterproof function does not follow the precautions to maintain the waterproof condition), then the water damage indicator label attached inside the product will change. Please note that failures caused by these reasons are not covered by the warranty.

  • Is the cable that comes with the T7 Shield also water-resistant?

    The cable provided with the T7 Shield is not waterproof. If you use the cable when it is wet, it may cause failure. Please dry it completely before use.