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Fully connected

Samsung Foundry is revolutionizing wireless RF systems with solutions for 5G and mobile, communications infrastructure,
automotive, IoT and more.

Today’s new generation of high-performance wireless RF Connectivity standards demands technology solutions that can meet both the digital as well as the analog demands at a cost and power budget.

RF Process Technology Improving connectivity


  • Wireless(RF)


    Wireless Radio Frequency (RF) connectivity continues to experience enormous growth with a new spectrum becoming available in the mmWave bands which are being adopted for 5G/mobile, WLAN, satellite, automotive and IoT.

  • 5G Systems

    5G Systems include:
    enhanced Mobile
    Ultra-Reliable Low Latency
    massive Machine Type

  • WiFi 7

    WiFi 7 is the next generation of the ubiquitous WLAN standard. It will make use of the newly available >6GHZ spectrum and increased bandwidth.

  • Automotive

    Automotive encompasses a large number of RF devices: Bluetooth, WiFi, automotive spectrum (mmWave), telematics, and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) for the development of autonomous vehicles.

  • Internet of

    Internet of Things (IoT) employs smart sensors that transmit data to the cloud for a variety of industries such as healthcare, security, home networking, industrial applications and much more.

RF Systems

RF Connectivity system designs encompass multiple areas including single chip designs for Bluetooth applications, low-power chip designs for IoT applications and multi-chip package solutions for mobile phones and infrastructure applications.

RF Technology

Samsung Foundry optimizes RF implementation through a family of proven, high-performing digital RF-extended platforms.

  • For implementations where the RF portion dominates, yet has some logic, 28LPP or 28FDS is recommended. Both nodes include an eNVM solution, which is ideal for a fully integrated single IoT chip (ex. MCU+RF ICs).
  • 28FDS and 8LPP also support mmWave designs.
  • For implementations with a higher percentage of digital logic requiring higher performance while still being optimized for RF integration, 14LPU or 8LPP is recommended.

Recommended Samsung Foundry

technology for RF solutions

Process Technology Connectivity TXCR RF - FE
BT WiFi WiFi 4G LTE 5G sub 6GHz 5G mmWave 4G LTE 5G sub 6GHz 5G mmWave
28LPP - RF checked checked
28LPP - RF checked checked checked
14LPU - RF checked checked checked checked checked
(with RFeFET)
checked checked checked checked checked

Introducing Samsung Foundry

RFextremeFET (RFeFET™)

A unique analog/RF scaling architecture
for 8LPP

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To overcome the analog/RF scaling challenges from degenerative parasitics, Samsung has developed RFextremeFET (RFeFET™), a unique architecture that can significantly improve RF characteristics while using less power.

Designs implementing RFeFET™ require few transistors which result in a reduction in the area of analog/RF blocks. RFeFET™ supplements the digital PPA scaling provided by 8LPP while providing analog/RF scaling, thereby enabling high-performance highly-integrated 5G platforms and other high-frequency broadband/connectivity applications.

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RF SAFE™ Ecosystem

Samsung Foundry and its SAFE™ partners support a broad set of IP and RF services to
realize a fully connected future.

Generic RF System diagram; partitioning and integration paths will vary by application and implementation.







RF Systems