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“Samsung has been at the forefront of bringing the most pixels to mobile image sensors that take sensor performances to the next level”

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A high-speed, low-power NPU solution for ai deep learning

Deep learning algorithms are a core element of artificial intelligence (AI) as they are the processes by which a computer is able to think and learn like a human being does. A Neural Processing Unit (NPU) is a processor that is optimized for deep learning algorithm computation, designed to efficiently process thousands of these computations simultaneously.

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Leading future
technology artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly emerged as a leading future technology. Samsung Electronics has long recognized the significance of AI, and its active investment in the area is illustrated by the establishment of global AI research facilities and the company’s efforts to recruit AI experts.

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Use Cases

Bringing artificial
intelligence to
devices everywhere

As we recently discussed in our article Advancing the Era of Artificial Intelligence with Innovative Semiconductor Technology, the industry has reached a pinnacle point when it comes to innovation in artificial intelligence (AI).

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Samsung memory
takes the high road
to innovation

High powered supercomputing isn’t an end goal, it’s an enabler. It will help us to do things in the future that used to be impossible. The big dreams of hyper-connected worlds where AI solves complex problems are upon us but without the best performing memory solutions, we’ll always be stuck in the slow lane.

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AI and Big Data
Memory Solutions

Complex tasks such as analyzing business performance data in real time, diagnosing rare diseases quickly using historic data, or simply watching TV or asking the location of the nearest coffee shop all have one thing in common – they all rely on the latest innovations in memory solutions.

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Smart Memory
Enables AI Growth

AI innovation needs more data processing than ever.
A redesigned memory device integrated with computational logic will unlock new applications for the future

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