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The future of server and network infrastructure

As 5G connectivity ushers in the era of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, it is changing both the lives of consumers and the infrastructure on which they rely. Samsung puts power and performance at the heart of its semiconductor solutions for servers and networks, ensuring enterprise users always have fast, reliable, cost-efficient infrastructure solutions.

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A breakthrough in memory

Samsung’s HBM2E Flashbolt raises the bar for DRAM technologies, offering the performance required to transform what’s next into what’s now. Combining state-of-the-art TSV (through-silicon via) technology with high input/output density and superior bandwidth, HBM2E Flashbolt’s groundbreaking specs open the door for exciting advancements in next-generation technologies like AI, machine learning, high-performance computing and more.

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Optimized performance

When speed and power matter most, Samsung’s DDR4 RDIMM delivers optimized server performance. Adding Samsung DDR4 RDIMM not only maximizes CPU performance and computing potential, but also enables more robust and responsive virtual machines and applications. Built with the latest DRAM technology, Samsung’s DDR4 RDIMM offers module densities of up to 256 GB and speeds of up to 3,200 Mbps, allowing enterprise server managers to optimize system performance by increasing the memory capacities of servers.

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DDR5 meets the demands of industries experiencing an enormous burst in data. A new level of speed, improved capacity, and bolstered reliability are packed into DDR5 to enhance overall system performance. Samsung's memory technology propels the next era of planet-friendly innovation with power-saving DDR5.

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Gen.4 drives dynamic data traffic

Samsung’s PM9A3 NVMe™ SSD offers best-in-class PCIe® Gen.4 performance, multiple platform efficiencies, a highly scalable design encompassing several form factors, and greater reliability with advanced V-NAND technology. The SSD is specifically designed for the next era of servers, both in data centers and for enterprises in general, meets the needs of servers for mainstream use, and is suitable for the web, applications, and file servers.

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A big leap forward for Enterprise Storage

Access a whole new level of SSD performance. Now more than ever, enterprises require high-performance storage solutions that are capable of processing heavy workloads quickly and efficiently. Optimized with the latest 24G SAS interface and featuring dual ports for added stability, Samsung’s PM1653 offers enterprises the performance they need to keep up with today’s rapidly evolving data demands.

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