High-performance PCIe 5.0 SSD PM1743 will help process vast amounts of data more quickly as the increasing popularity of AI services drives market demand for high-performance servers

The SSD PM1743 is designed for Samsung Enterprise to facilitate fast data processing for high-performance servers.
PCIe 5.0 SSD PM1743
Unlock the full potential of enterprise

Unrivaled Performance
and Reliability

Powerful, reliable, and 2x faster than PCIe 4.0. Optimize performance of data-intensive, mission critical applications. Dual port operation expands availability in the event of a failure, with dedicated technical support. With 48% increased power efficiency server, operating costs are reduced while overall storage system performance is enhanced.

This is a video in which PCIe 5.0 letters appear after PM1743 products appear.

Next-Generation Speed
for Modern Enterprise

Experience up to 14,000 MB/s read speed. With a proprietary controller, the PCIe 5.0 PM1743 strengthens performance and reliability, providing enterprise users with expanded system capacity suitable for heavy workloads.

This is a video showing the internal substrate of PM1743 after the data signal spreads.

Scalable Capacity
in a Slim Form Factor

The latest form factor EDSFF E3.S improves signal integrity and boosts performance while featuring category-leading capacity of 15.36TB within the category. A thin 7.5 mm enables higher storage density in enterprise servers while increasing performance and enhancing power efficiency.

* PM1743 supports both 2.5-inch and E3.S form factors.

This is a video that shows the thickness of 7.5 mm on the side by covering the case after the data signal is processed through the connector of PM1743.

Reduced TCO
with Impressive Power Efficiency

Increased power efficiency of up to 48%* and enhanced heat dissipation technology deliver lower carbon emissions and less energy use. With the EDSFF E3.S, enterprises and data center operators can dramatically decrease their hardware design overhead and infrastructure costs.

* Compared to the previous generation, PM1733a

There is a 48% phrase of Enhanced power efficiency, and the background is an image of the server.

Ensure Business Continuity
with Dual Port Reliability

The PM1743 is the industry-leading dual port SSD, ensuring seamless, always-on computing even in the event of a failure of one port. It can preserve business continuity by innovatively shifting workloads to the second port.

Two Host CPUs and four SSDs are in data communication, and even if one Host CPU is stopped, it is a video of processing data normally through the other Host CPU.

Reliable without
Compromising Performance

PM1743 is reliable with enhanced telemetry for more effective remote monitoring and analysis, multi-tenancy capabilities without compromising performance, and ensured encryption and decryption verifications for more secure storage.

There are Enhanced Telemetry, Rot Support Secure Storage, Multi-Tenancy phrases and icons. An image with a server in the background.