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Realizing dramatic speed and power

Desktop and laptop capabilities are becoming more powerful than ever before. From complex data processing to immersive home entertainment, Samsung’s high-density DRAM and SSD are the keys to unlocking next-level computing performance.

Memory Products

Trusted reliability

Designed to be used in high-performance servers, desktops, laptops and more, Samsung's DDR (Double Data Rate) solutions double down on performance, combining high bandwidth with likewise high energy efficiency.

An illustrative image of DDR.

Next-level performance

Samsung's HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) solutions have been optimized for high-performance computing (HPC), and offer the performance needed to power next-generation technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), that will transform how we live, work and connect.

An illustrative image of HBM
An illustrative image of HBM2E-Flashbolt
HBM2E-Flashbolt Learn more

Life in the fast lane

Samsung's GDDR (Graphics Double Data Rate) solutions are optimized to process vast amounts of data, delivering lightning-fast speeds for server applications such as fast-tracking graphics processing. Whether on servers, PCs, or workstations, GDDR can be harnessed for video processing, gaming and more.

An illustrative image of GDDR.
An illustrative image of GDDR6.
GDDR6 Learn more

Memory modules for extensive use

Samsung’s memory modules are designed for a wide range of applications to deliver the best performance with low power requirements.

An illustrative image of Modules
An illustrative image of RDIMM.
RDIMM Learn more

New, ideal SSD performance for PCs

Samsung SSD sets the standard in high-performance storage for PCs with rapid data processing and reliability in compact form factors.

An illustrative image of PC SSD.
An illustrative image of PM9A3.
PM9A1 Learn more
An illustrative image of PM9A3.
PM981A Learn more
An illustrative image of PM883.
PM991,PM991a Learn more
An illustrative image of PM881.
PM881 Learn more
  • All product specifications reflect internal test results and are subject to variations by user’s system configuration.
  • All product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product.
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