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Groundbreaking Memory
Technology Unleashes

Enhanced IT Experiences

The AI era embraces opportunities
with cutting-
edge memory
featuring exceptional performance

and state-of-the-art technology
in its class

  • The center of innovation

    From PC and Mobile innovation to the era of AI: As we find ourselves in a new and unknown world, filled with technology like artificial intelligence, big data, 5G, and private space travel, the Memory Division leads the industry in making big steps for mankind, going beyond just the everyday life and actively contributing to changing the era.

  • The pride of being

    #1 in the world

    Among the innovations that can be called the “world’s first”, Samsung’s world-leading, first-class technology takes the spotlight. Such technology includes the volatile DRAM memory, created based on extreme production know-how, and the non-volatile NAND memory that exceeded everyone’s expectations with our super-gap technology. These leading solutions of Samsung solidify its #1 status in the global memory semiconductor industry.

  • The driving force

    behind the super-gap

    What is the driving force behind the development of Samsung’s super-gap technology? It’s the organizational culture that explores future-oriented values with larger-than-life goals, that actively deals with changes, and that combines tenacity and persistence for success to create the best performance in the best infrastructure.

  • Green Memory

    To strengthen our response to climate change, Samsung is promoting activities to help save the planet, such as investing more in production facilities and establishing “fine dust research centers”. As we step into the future, we will strive to pursue sustainable activities that are beneficial to our environment by extending the lifespan of our products and expanding resource recycling.