Samsung Modem & RF, Exynos Modem 333


Exynos Modem 333
Lightning broadband speed
for the perfect connection
As the demand for higher data throughput in mobile broadband grows, handset-manufacturers are desperate to provide a faster download & upload speed.
The Exynos Modem 333 supports this exceptional user demand via carrier aggregation of three bands downlink and two bands uplink.
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LTE Modem

No more waiting when downloading and uploading
The Exynos Modem 333, an LTE-Advanced modem, allows users to enjoy the download speeds of up to 450Mbps over three 20MHz LTE carriers and upload 100Mbps over two 20MHz LTE carriers. When compared to its predecessor that also supports LTE Category 6, the Exynos Modem 333 provides up to 50% speed enhancements in download and 100% in upload speed. This means users can enjoy 4K video streaming service without any buffering or share their high resolution pictures and video contents to social network services in an instant.
Perspective view of Exynos processor with infographic describing upload 100Mbps over two 20MHz LTE carriers and 450Mbps over three 20MHz LTE carriers

MIMO Technology

Multiple antennas
for accelerating speed
With the substantial growth of mobile data transfer, the mobile operators are constantly looking for ways to deliver more capacity in their networks without using precious spectrum resources. To achieve faster speed by using existing resources, the Exynos Modem 333 supports MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology that uses multiple antennas to stream multiple data on a given channel.
Exynos Processor with Multiple Input and Multiple Output on the surface of smartphone display


  • LTE Modem
    LTE Cat. 10 3CA 450Mbps (DL) /
    2CA 100Mbps (UL)
  • Supported Modes
  • Download Features
    3x20MHz Carrier Aggregation
  • Uplink Features
    2x20MHz Carrier Aggregation
  • Process
    28nm HKMG Process
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