A photo of a girl sitting among foxtail.

Ultra-high Resolution

Details make
epic photos

Have you ever been disappointed by pixely quality of photos when zooming in?
Then, you need a smartphone that features ultra-high resolution camera.
Over 1-billion pixels in a tiny sensor bring out the soft texture of foxtail
and the shades of lighting over her silky hair in remarkable detail.

A photo of a man with readlocks is standing on the wall of oange color.

Feel the difference
of details

The more you zoom in on your photo, the more you’ll be thrilled by its startling quality. Sparkling eyes with the texture of his hair, beard and skin convey emotions that go beyond his expression. You also can crop photos for better composition without worrying about quality.

A photo of a girl sitting on the bench in the park.

Hi-tech for
your masterpiece

The numerous pixels in an image sensor captures details
that are less invisible to the naked eye. Sharp detail of
an old basketball hoop and mystical trees allows you to
focus more closely on her story.

Cherish the moment
with every details

If your smartphone comes with ISOCELL’s ultra-high resolution image sensors, try changing the resolution setting to maximum and enjoy the details you’ve never seen before in mobile.