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Rewarding high-performing
partners with big incentives

Laying the
groundwork for
partner growth
with incentives

An incentive program for sharing
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Person seen from the front, wearing a lab coat and safety goggles and gloves looking into a microscope.
and achieving growth together

An incentive program
Hand reaching up toward the sky, with the sun seen between its fingers.
for sharing and
Person seen from the front, wearing a lab coat and safety goggles and gloves looking into a microscope.
achieving growth together

The Hwaseong Campus building against the backdrop of the blue sky.

To mark Samsung’s 50th anniversary, Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong shared the company’s vision for togetherness by saying that, “sharing and achieving growth together is how we become the world’s greatest.” That’s why in addition to investing in future technology, new businesses and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), Samsung continues to value social responsibility. And as part of these efforts, we operate a wide range of programs that foster partner growth, including the Semiconductor Partner Incentive Program. Twice a year, in February and July, we give tens of billions Korean won in incentives to partners that reach their productivity and safety goals.

We have given
KRW 456.1 billion
our partners
for nearly 12 years

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Incentive payment growth

82.1billion won 16.22-fold increase
5.06billion won

Since 2010, Samsung has been making incentive payments to promote our partners’ growth in size and quality,
and the total amount paid for nearly 12 years through the first half of 2021 is KRW 456.1 billion. In 2018, we extended the incentive
program from first-tier suppliers to include second-tier suppliers and paid a total of KRW 82.1 billion. That’s more
than 16 times the amount we first paid in 2010. And in 2021, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we plan to
expand our payments to KRW 88 billion by the second half of the year.

Through good times and bad, the
incentive program never stopped giving

In fact, Samsung is steadily awarding more partners and more
partner employees with bigger incentives.

Partner company employees are performing maintenance on pipes.

“This is my first time getting an
incentive. I’m thrilled I could take
my family on vacation with it.”

Seokang E&C employee Kim Hyeonseok

“Our sales have grown ten-fold
and the number of employees
twenty-fold since partnering with

Hwasung Engineering CEO Ryu Seongmok

Both Kim Hyeonseok and Ryu Seongmok received incentives in 2020. Kim Hyeonseok, who was awarded for his outstanding work in plumbing construction on Samsung’s Hwaseong campus, shared his joy at getting an incentive and said he would continue to focus on increasing productivity while practicing safety. Ryu Seongmok, who leads piping and duct maintenance company Hwaseong Engineering, thanked Samsung for the incentives and added that the partnership with Samsung had laid the foundation for his company’s growth.

safety and
productivity with

Tools, safety helmets, earplugs, safety gloves, and safety boots on top of a safety vest.

The Semiconductor Partner Incentive Program awards partner companies and their employees who rank high in productivity and safety evaluations. Partners that oversee production, quality, etc. are rewarded with Productivity Incentives, while partners that provide environmental safety and expertise are rewarded with Safety Incentives. The incentive program for our partners is an indication of Samsung’s commitment to fostering growth among partners for a healthy and sustainable supply chain.

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