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[Automotive] How Samsung Semiconductor is Revolutionizing the Road Ahead

Innovative technologies, a collaborative spirit and trustworthiness provide our automotive customers a unique value proposition as they create the next generation of vehicles integrating our semiconductor solutions.

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For the rapidly evolving automotive industry, there's an open road ahead. To keep up with trends like in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), telematics and autonomous driving (AD), automakers will be called upon to evolve in-vehicle technology at an unprecedented pace. Luckily, they've got a valued road partner on this journey: Samsung Semiconductor. Samsung Semiconductor's vision for the future of automotive focuses on the transformative technology that equips next-gen vehicles with enhanced computing power, data processing, sensing capabilities and improved connectivity. Through these semiconductor innovations, we help our partners create vehicles with excellent safety, entertainment and centralized computing capabilities. Samsung Semiconductor provides manufacturers with a unique value proposition. By choosing Samsung Semiconductor, automotive companies get access to not just our existing portfolio of automotive solutions and enhanced semiconductors. Through the Samsung Foundry division, we also offer cutting-edge manufacturing services and design support, helping automotive manufacturers bring their own advanced visions to life. Working together in a spirit of innovation, Samsung Semiconductor knows that the most important qualities we offer our automotive partners are trustworthiness and sincerity. That is why Samsung Semiconductor has dedicated semiconductor engineers and automotive experts in the Memory, System LSI, and Foundry divisions ready to support our automotive customers. By fostering collaboration to achieve future mobility success with our partners, Samsung Semiconductor is committed to “Revolutionizing the Road Ahead.” To find out more about Samsung's automotive solutions, visit Samsung Semiconductor’s automotive website.