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Behind the scenes: Shoot like never before with ISOCELL

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If we all have one thing in common, it’s that each of us is creative in our own unique way. Over the years, our smartphone cameras have become our go-to tools for capturing that creativity and sharing it with others. Now, as Samsung’s latest video proves, advancements in image sensor technologies have made it easier than ever to showcase your creative side. Shot entirely using smartphones powered by Samsung’s ISOCELL image sensors, the video below spotlights the mesmerizing moves of up-and-coming Korean dancer Dae-Ryun Yoon. The result is a stunning example of the beauty of human expression, which inspires you to never stop creating, exploring, and doing what you can’t do.

Unleashing creativity At its core, this video is about changing perceptions. It wasn’t too long ago that the popular belief was that smartphone cameras were simply incapable of delivering the image quality necessary to do an artist like Dae-Ryun Yoon justice. Image sensors need to be small enough to squeeze into our mobile devices’ ever-slimming frames, and for years, many believed that the sensors’ size prohibited them from producing truly cinematic shots. ISOCELL changes all that. With each breathtaking shot, the video proves that our smartphones have become more than capable of producing professional-quality content. And the key to achieving such exceptional quality is the ISOCELL image sensor that’s tucked inside our device’s camera. For creators especially, this means that the only tool you need to capture and share your world is already in your pocket, always ready to record. An exhilarating experiment For directors Min Heo and Ji-Sun Lee, the prospect of capturing crystal-clear images with a smartphone camera presented exciting opportunities to think outside the box. However, before filming began, both recalled being unsure whether a smartphone would be up to the task of replacing a professional camera. “As a director, it is always challenging to do something that I’ve never done before. More and more people are creating compelling work with smartphones, but it’s something that I’d never done before. Until we try it for ourselves, it can be hard to think outside the box and accept that high-quality production is possible,” said Lee. “Sticking to these notions – staying safe in our comfort zone – can make us feel complacent and prevent us from developing creatively. I, for one, have certainly felt this way in the past.” “At first I thought, ‘Is this really going to work – filming a commercial with a smartphone?’ I could already envision a lot of limitations in using one. So I thought, ‘Maybe I’d be better off just using a professional camera instead of a smartphone.’ But I decided to give it a try.” Heo, too, described feeling initially anxious about the idea of shooting a commercial with a smartphone camera. “Frankly, I had prejudice and worried about filming with a smartphone before I started this project,” said Heo. However, like Lee, it wasn’t long before ISOCELL put those concerns to rest. “The images were much clearer in low light than I expected, and the color expression, dynamic range and details were really good as well,” said Heo. Freedom of expression Perhaps fittingly for a video that depicts a creative soul finding the freedom to express himself, both directors described the filming process as a liberating experience. “Because a smartphone is much smaller than a professional camera, we were able to test out a variety of shooting techniques and angles that we simply couldn’t imagine trying before,” said Heo. “We attached the phone to a fan to spin the camera around, placed it on the floor to capture footage at extremely low angles, and let the dancer film himself by switching the camera to selfie mode. The shots were easy to prepare, and capturing them was much faster and more fun.” That freedom to express oneself and push the envelope, Lee explained, is exactly what makes ISOCELL a game-changer for creators. “Trying it for myself on this project allowed me to look at filmmaking in ways that were entirely new to me. It forced me to think outside the box, and I ended up doing things I didn’t even know I could do,” Lee continued. “When you move beyond the fixed ideas, you’ll see that you have a lot of choices, and you can free yourself from this type of thinking. Either it’s a professional camera or a smartphone, it’s just a tool to be creative. So if you think outside the box, you’ll find that you can do the things you thought you couldn’t do before.” Check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at how the captivating performance came together. And please visit ISOCELL website for more news and stories.