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Samsung’s first image sensor to feature tiny, 0.64μm pixels, the ISOCELL JN1 packs 50 million pixels into an ultra-slimpackage that delivers awesome details and awesome colors in every photo.

0.64μm 50MP

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An illustrative image of the smartphone's camera enlarged, showing the JN1 image sensor inserted inside the smartphone.
An illustrative image of the smartphone's camera enlarged, showing the JN1 image sensor inserted inside the smartphone.

Capture impeccable details every time you snap a photo. For the first time on a mobile image sensor, the ISOCELL JN1 features tiny 0.64μm pixels, allowing for much slimmer camera designs. Packing 50 million pixels in a small 1/2.76-inch image sensor, it brings ultra-high resolution cameras to every smartphone, from mid-range to flagship, so everyone can experience images with awesome detail.

An illustrative image of JN1 pixel.


Color your memories

Powered by ISOCELL 2.0, an advanced pixel isolation technology, the ISOCELL JN1 has improved light sensitivity and color fidelity. Every image you capture has rich, vivid colors that will transport you right back to your favorite moments.

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An illustrative image of JN1's Tetrapixel. An illustrative image of JN1's Tetrapixel.

Low Light Performance

Capture details
even in the dark

Day or night, the ISOCELL JN1 captures crystal clear images thanks to Tetrapixel technology. In low-light environments, it still gathers enough light to create crisp and clear night shots.


Discover stunning HDR

An image of a woman holding her hands together.

With perfectly balanced shadows and highlights, HDR (high dynamic range) technology can make your photos much more realistic. The ISOCELL JN1 uses inter-scene HDR, a new type of HDR technology to deliver even better dynamic range.

An Image of a man on a skateboard.

Auto Focus

Stay with
the action

Don’t blur your cherished moments. Whether you’re capturing a beloved pet or favorite sports star, the ISOCELL JN1 is ready for action. Featuring Double Super PD, it focuses quickly even in dark environments, so you can capture fast moving subjects with ease.

An image of a video being shot on a smartphone.

Video Recording

Cinematic 4K in your pocket

Preserve every detail of your memories with high frame rate recordings. With cinematic 4k video recording that supports 60 frames per second, the ISOCELL JN1 lets you capture your favorite moments in stunning detail, just as you remember them.


  • Effective Resolution
    8,160 x 6,144 (50M)
  • Pixel Size
  • Optical Format
  • Color Filter
    Tetrapixel RGB Bayer Pattern
  • Normal Frame Rate
    10fps @50MP mode
  • Video Frame Rate
    30fps @12.5MP, 60fps @4K, 240fps @FHD
  • Shutter Type
    Electronic Rolling Shutter
    and Global Reset
  • ADC Accuracy
  • Supply Voltage
    2.8 V for analog, 1.8 V for I/O,
    and 1.05 V for digital core supply
  • Operating Temperature
    -20℃ to +85℃
  • Interface
    4 lanes (2.15 Gbps per lane)
  • Chroma
  • Auto Focus
    Double Super PD (PDAF)
  • WDR
    Inter-scene DCG
  • Output Formats
  • Analog Gain
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