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at MemCon 2023

March 28 - 29, 2023
Computer History Museum
Mountain View, CA

This event is over. Thank you for joining
the event at MemCon 2023!

Thank you for joining MemCon 2023,

where Samsung Semiconductor,

a leader in memory,
is a founding partner.

At MemCon 2023, leaders and experts from Samsung Semiconductor and the memory industry shared their insights on breakthrough technologies and innovations in memory. In addition, Samsung Semiconductor proudly presented industry-leading products such as HBM-PIM, CXL-PNM, Memory Expander, Memory-Semantic SSD, and the 2nd Gen. SmartSSD. The event also provided excellent networking opportunities among memory industry leaders and access to experts who shared their ideas for next-generation memory products.

Moments of the event

Speaking Sessions

As a founding partner of MemCon, Samsung Semiconductor commenced the event with Corporate EVP and President Jinman Han’s speech stressing the importance of memory innovations, such as memory-centric architecture and memory-as-a-service.

A Keynote speech and panel discussions from our top leaders also highlighted the industry needs to move forward to ‘Memory Innovation in the Era of Data-Centric Computing’ and to collaborate around Computational Storage and Processing-in-Memory (PIM).

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  • Samsung Semiconductor LPDDR5X
    Welcome to MemCon 2023
    Jinman Han
    President and Corporate EVP
    Device Solutions America
    Samsung Electronics
  • Samsung Semiconductor LPDDR5X
    Memory Innovation in the Era of
    Data-Centric Computing
    Jin-Hyeok Choi
    Corporate EVP
    Device Solution Research America - Memory
    Samsung Electronics
  • Samsung Semiconductor LPDDR5X
    Computational Storage
    Dr. Yangseok Ki
    VP & CTO
    Memory Solutions Lab
    Samsung Electronics
  • Samsung Semiconductor LPDDR5X
    Processing In Memory (PIM)
    Seungwon Lee
    VP of Technology (Master)
    Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
    Samsung Electronics