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Securing business continuity,

Samsung Semiconductor’s BCMS*

* Business Continuity Management System

With BCMS establishment and ISO 22301 certification,
now more trusted

by customers

Prepared for Crisis, BCMS allows a rapid business recovery and resumption

The BCMS (Business Continuity Management System) is a system that allows firms to secure business continuity and value by establishing effective response strategies and building plans to keep business running and keeping safeguard under both internal and external crises.

It refers to the ability to promptly respond under various scenarios of crisis and disasters, ultimately so it may resume core business operations with minimum impact.

Samsung Semiconductor plans to build customer trust with reliable product supply, even in crises, and continue to protect our reputation, brand and value-creating activities.

ISO 22301 certification,
One higher level for reliability

ISO 22301 is an international standard that stipulates the requirements for establishing a BCMS. This standard establishes a documented management system for business normalization, such as organization, leadership, response strategies and plans in preparation for crisis situations. Furthermore, it stipulates requirements for carrying out, operating and monitoring the system, as well as for carrying out continuous improvement. By acquiring ISO 22301 certification, Samsung Semiconductor's business continuity management system has been internationally recognized for its reliability.

In the future, Samsung Semiconductor will not only deal with traditional risk factors through systematic risk management at the company level, but also will minimize the impact and restore the core business in the shortest time to normalize business when business is disrupted due to various crises. Furthermore, through continuous mock training, we plan to further strengthen accident prevention and response capabilities.

Analyze. Plan. Implement. Validate.

The four elements that build the BCMS

  • Analysis

    Analyzing Internal
    and external environments

    Discovering and evaluating risks

    Analyzing business impact

  • Plan

    Establishing BC strategies and plans

    Identifying and acquiring necessary resources

  • Validation

    Mock training

    Deriving and
    reflecting points of improvements

    Reviewed by Management

  • Implementation

    Operating risk
    response system

    Performing business resumption

We maintain industry’s highest level of risk response system

Samsung Semiconductor established the BCMS system to more effectively respond to various crises that may affect business, such as the pandemic, global supply chain issues, and weather calamities. Samsung Semiconductor’s risk management system has been recognized and accredited by trusted certification bodies.
Furthermore, Samsung Semiconductor continues to improve its preemptive and strategic risk management system by actively excavating new risk potentials and establishing response scenarios for various crises, thus, we will continue to provide more trust to our stakeholders, including customers, employees, partners, and shareholders.

With the BCMS,
even better crisis management

Look forward to what Samsung Semiconductor will do next

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