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Consistent effort
by Samsung
toward a sustainable future

An actionable
roadmap led by

Creating a new roadmap to
achieve complete and
effective on-site

In July 2020, Samsung Semiconductor established the DS Sustainable Management Office as an organization directly under the CFO to promote sustainable management tailored to the needs of the business. Each business division has also formed an individual office directly under the division head to implement sustainability in the field.

Performance evaluation and

compensation policies

In 2021, a sustainability category was added to internal performance evaluations to motivate management and employees to incorporate sustainability into all areas.
As we continue to roll out sustainability practices to all areas,
we plan to develop and refine sustainability category items to ensure fair evaluations and compensations.

  • Board of Directors

    Setting the direction and monitoring the progress of
    Samsung’s sustainable management.

    Through regular meetings, the Board of Directors and the Sustainability Committee explore and discuss sustainability management in areas including ESG (environment, society, and governance).

  • Executive management

    Head of Corporate Management Office-led Sustainability Management meetings held regularly

    Samsung Semiconductor regularly holds Sustainability Management meetings led by the Head of Corporate Management Office to review sustainability issues with the five main departments.

    To respond to climate change, Samsung operates a company-wide Sustainability Management Council where executives in each sector meet regularly to review sustainability management issues.
    And depending on the issue, the discussed items may be escalated to the Board of Directors and the Governance Committee for further review.

  • Dedicated units

    Dedicated Samsung Electronics

    sustainability units

    • Corporate Sustainability Center
    • Corporate Sustainability Management Offices at Samsung Semiconductor and business divisions

    Samsung Semiconductor sustainability units

    • Samsung Semiconductor Corporate Sustainability Management Office (reporting to the CFO)
    • Sustainability Management Office of each business division (reporting to business unit head)
    *Six business units with production lines (Memory/Foundry/TSP/ Global Infra Technology/Pyeongtaek/LED) *Five business units without production lines have offices that cover these roles (System LSI/Semiconductor R&D Center/Manufacturing Technology Center/DIT Center/Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)

    Samsung’s councils for four main areas

    • [Environment] EHS(Environment, Health and Safety) Council, Eco Council
    • [Digital responsibility] Personal Information Protection Council, Cyber Security Council, Accessibility Council
    • [Employee rights] Labor and Rights Council
    • [Supply chain] Supplier Co-Prosperity Council

    Five Samsung Semiconductor

    sustainability departments

    • Environment
    • Labor and human rights
    • Social commitment
    • Supply Chain
    • Stakeholders

Sustainability Management Promotion Organization

Board of Directors Level
The Board of Directors
Sustainability Management Committee
Once a quarter
Management Level
ESG Management Council
Led by Head of Division ∙
Once a quarter
DS Sustainability Management Meeting
Led by the Head of

Corporate Management

∙ Once a quarter
DS Sustainability Management Office
Business Office
Memory/ Foundry/ S.LSI/ CSS/ TSP/ AVP/ Infrastructure Office
Major councils by field
  • Carbon Neutrality Committee
  • Carbon Reduction Committee
  • Environmental Conservation Committee
  • Reuse Expansion Committee
  • Occupational Safety and Health Committee
  • Occupational Health Special Committee
Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain SER¹⁾
    Regular Meeting
  • Supply Chain
    Advancement TF
human Rights
  • Labor-Management Council
  • Compliance Committee

1) Supplier Social & Environmental Responsibility

We create sustainable future value through innovative, trusted and environmentally friendly technology

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