Samsung GDDR6 has a bandwidth of up to 1.1 TB/s and speeds of up to 24 Gbps.

high-speed makeover

Samsung GDDR6 is memory’s biggest
makeover, with speeds reaching up to

With the highest speeds of any
standardized product, it delivers maximum bandwidth

and blazing-fast data speeds
to enable up to 1.1TB/s* of computing

- a full 30% faster than the
previous generations.
A new stage of high-performance
computing (HPC) and graphics is here.

*1TB/s Bandwidth rates are based on a
12pkg/system application

Only 1.1V.
All you need and more

Voltage is down and speed is up - higher than ever.

Our upgraded GDDR6 supports 1.1V of power,
exceeding the industry standard of 1.35/1.25V.

That's all made possible by innovative circuit design
and low-power dynamic voltage switching (DVS),
allowing GDDR6 to push power efficiency to the max,
allowing high-bandwidth, high-computing tasks
with only a fraction of
the standard power requirements.

Samsung GDDR6 offers 20% power efficiency.

World’s first 16Gb.
Do the most

More space, with more ways to use it.

The world’s first 16Gb graphics DRAM massively
widens its scope and possibilities,
adaptability and broader applications to the

Welcome to stunningly realistic and
latency-free gaming for PCs and laptops,

unlimited creativity
for professional workstations,
and transporting viewing experiences for vehicle
entertainment systems.

And it still consumes up to 60% less than previous
8Gb solutions with the same density

Samsung GDDR6 is the world’s first 16Gb graphics DRAM.

Stage clear.
Onto a whole new stage

And it's not all about gaming.

Samsung's GDDR6 is built to stretch the role of
graphic DRAM
in computing to a wider ecosystem
of applications

– from VGA and computers to high-
performance computing, and gaming to AI.

Combining industry-leading performance, power,
and bandwidth,
Samsung's GDDR6 takes graphics
to the next level,

paving a new way for future
technologies in AI and future computing,

while securing reliability for
the widest range of applications.

Get ready for a whole new stage.

Samsung GDDR6 is built to stretch the role of graphic DRAM from VGA to high-performance computing and gaming to AI.