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Enabling People
Supporting Potentials

Samsung Semiconductor,
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"People" as one of our core values

As semiconductor technology gains prominence alongside innovations such as AI and big data, the competition for key talent to spearhead the semiconductor industry is intensifying because securing the best talents is essential for the continuous growth of the semiconductor industry and the company. Samsung Semiconductor is putting the best effort to recruit top talent through our distinctive HR system and also continues to enhance employee capability through diverse learning and development programs. Also, through open communication with our employee create a culture that is diverse and inclusive.

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Looking for the best talents

Samsung Semiconductor proactively looks to secure excellent talents through various efforts. In particular, we host programs like the 'Tech&Career Forum' and 'Samsung Shining Star' to secure outstanding domestic and foreign talents looking for a career in high-tech industries such as semiconductors, AI, software, and displays.

The Tech & Career Forum is a global job fair held to attract industry experts in regards to semiconductor. The event is held both in Korea and the United States as well as other parts of Asia and Europe, widening our access to diverse talent pools. Our executives also attend these forums to provide a differentiated, communication-oriented experience, including lectures and discussions on semiconductor technology trends, corporate culture, and company’s mission and vision.

To attract younger talents, Samsung Semiconductor also runs "The Samsung Shining Star Program". A five-day event for undergraduate freshmen and sophomores, the program invites science and engineering students to gain in-depth knowledge of semiconductor technology through lectures by Samsung Institute of Technology faculties, and visits to Samsung Semiconductor's various business sites through.

Fostering Semiconductor Talents and the Ecosystem

Samsung Semiconductor runs the 'University MPW (Multi-Project Wafer)* Program’ to support researchers and students getting hands on necessary wafer prototypes for verifying chip design in order to foster the semiconductor ecosystem and future semiconductor related talents.

The MPW program is the only technical support program in Korea that provides the 8-inch 130nm to advanced 14nm FinFET process, where students can verify their ideas with MPW provided by Samsung. With the support, students and researchers may present their accomplishments on global semiconductor platforms such as ISSCC.

In 1995, to expand the semiconductor ecosystem in Korea, Samsung worked with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy to launch the KAIST IDEC government fund program. The program started by supporting 0.8 micrometer (μm) MPW to 30 domestic graduate students, and today expands its support with up to a 28FD-SOI process, which is advantageous for RF and low power design. Such collaborative efforts have helped improve the domestic university research environment by producing more than 2,000 chips in the last 29 years.

Furthermore, Samsung Semiconductor is strengthening industry-academic cooperation with leading universities worldwide to recruit semiconductor talents and foster the ecosystem. As a global leader in semiconductor, Samsung Semiconductor will continue to put its best effort into supporting and expanding its cooperation with the academic community.

* Multi-Project Wafer: provides various design layouts on one wafer

We aim to expand the program in the future and strive to create opportunities for participating students to work together with a great vision in the semiconductor field.

Samsung Semiconductor grows with our employees.

At Samsung Semiconductor, we offer various opportunities for our employees to grow and improve so that they may reach their potentials. We provide not only the education on latest technical curriculums on semiconductor but also various programs that support individual growth.

Globally renown talent management

In 2023, Samsung Electronics was selected the 'The World's Best Employers' by Forbes and has been keeping the position for four straight years. Such achievements was reachable from various efforts such as operating various communication channels for transparent communication and fostering organic cooperation.

"We Talk", a monthly town hall meeting held by the CEO and key executives is one example of how our management shares business philosophy and direction. During the meeting, employees are open to asking questions online and answered promptly. We also host "Tea Talk", a weekly meeting between the CEO and employees, to listen to the voices of our employees to actively collect their opinions and strengthen mutual trust.

We also conduct the Samsung Culture Index (SCI) every year among employees worldwide in order to assess the health of our current organizational culture in three areas: fun to work, colleagues to work with, and a company to be proud of. We also operate the Pulse Survey, which asks employees about their happiness and opinions about the company. Through regular monitoring of our organizational culture, we will continue to strive to build a healthy organizational culture where employees can enjoy working.

We will make the world a better place with semiconductors made by happy people.

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