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Close-up of otter facing right.

Purifying water
to help save
the otters

Our chips
the miracle
of Osan

Top view of a river so clean the riverbed is visible.

Osan Stream is a body of water that runs 15 kilometers through Gyeonggi Province in Korea and carries water discharged by Samsung’s semiconductor manufacturing plant in Giheung. The Seoul Economy previously described Osan Stream as an environment where animals struggled to survive because of the odor caused by a lack of water. We realized that in order to improve the water quality, the first thing we needed was more water — much more. Starting in 2007, we worked with environmental groups to increase the amount of water by releasing purified water from the Giheung site each day during the summer. Recently, we have been releasing 45,000 tons of water every day.

The tons and
of water
released into
stream underwent
purification at our
Green Center.

How did this
back the otters?

From the otters
Close-up of a carp swimming. Close-up of a caterpillar walking across a leaf.
to their neighbors
Close-up side view of white bird.

From the otters
Close-up side view of white bird.
to their
Close-up of a carp swimming. Close-up of a caterpillar walking across a leaf.

Dragon swallowtail butterfly seen with its wings extended and sitting on a leaf.

It’s not just about the otters; Samsung has led multiple projects to revive Osan Stream.
We took contaminated water used in the chip production process and purified it so thoroughly that the water quality ended up being better than even government standards.

We also sponsored the Butterfly Road Project, which increased northern pipevine plants to help develop the local ecosystem. Northern pipevines are the only source of food for the dragon swallowtail butterfly, which had been commonly found in Osan Stream.

When the northern pipevines disappeared,
the dragon swallowtail butterflies became endangered. Through our support, the Blue Dongtan Volunteer Group and the Osan branch of the Korean Federation for Environmental Movement were able to work on the Osan Stream Butterfly Road project and help
the pipevines and butterflies return.

Large white heron seen from behind as it spreads its wings on a sandy shore.

The endangered animals, plants and insects
new homes in Osan Stream.

Once endangered, a diverse range of animal, insect and plant species found a place to call home in Osan Stream, from insects like yellowjackets and dragonflies to carps, turtles, and birds, to the dark sleeper fish, which protected the stream against invasive species of bass.

Whether in your computer, phone, refrigerator or car, Samsung’s chips help make our lives better. And by taking care of the environment, these chips are making the lives of animals, plants and insects better too.

By choosing
our chips,

you can create
a better life,

for us and
for nature.

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