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Samsung Semiconductor
awarded the highest level of
AWS through innovative

* Alliance for Water Stewardship

Globally-recognized water resource management certification with strict verification, AWS

Water is essential to all living things on Earth. Alliance for Water Stewardship ("AWS"), consisting of businesses, nonprofits, and public institutions, is a global cooperative organization that works to protect water.
AWS verifies stable water management, water quality hygiene, water resource conservation, and domestic impact of biodiversity. AWS further assesses a company's level of cooperation with local stakeholders to protect water resources. By virtue of AWS's strict assessment process, any certification by AWS indicates a company's compliance with global standards.

AWS highly evaluates the water management excellence of Samsung semiconductors and unusually certifies platinum at the first attempt.

Several million tons of water must be used on a daily basis to manufacture semiconductors. Therefore, Samsung Semiconductor is making great efforts to preserve water resources. Our wastewater purification policy is more stringent than government standards, and by setting specific goals, we are also trying to keep our water usage level consistent. In 2021, we were the first in the semiconductor industry to be certified to have implemented a "water footprint" by the Carbon Trust, and we were credited for our management system that strives to preserve water resources.
In extension, starting with the Hwaseong site, Korea, in 2023 and Giheung and Pyeongtaek site, Korea, as well as Xi'an site, China, obtained the highest level of AWS certification in 2024. An AWS certification requires a very strict assessment process, and it is very unusual to receive a Platinum rating at the first attempt. These accolades prove that Samsung Semiconductor's water resource management system is excellent even by international standards.

AWS's Water Management Objectives

Summary of AWS Certification Process

  1. 1
    Inspect water management status and perform risk analysis

    Samsung Semiconductor performs a risk analysis while managing its water supply chain, and collects data on potential problems and impact. Domestic sites disclose relevant information on current status and risks, and closely collaborate with the central government, local governments, and industry partners.

  2. 2
    Develop a water stewardship plan

    Establish action plans for responsible water resource management. Briefing sessions with environmental groups and environmental workers, communication with local residents, and various channels are used to establish action plans and reach agreements with stakeholders.

  3. 3

    Separatley manage water by types , calculate reuse, and set annual savings goals to improve the impact of water resource management. In addition, we encourage our partners to set water management and savings goals and annually monitor their performance so that they can work together to manage water resources.

  4. 4

    We evaluate, improve, and update the management performance of the water resources used, and cooperate with NGOs, local researchers, communities, and executives and employees to monitor the ecosystem near the workplace and preserve the river ecosystem.

  5. 5
    Communicate & Disclose

    We are open to the public about the water resources we use and communicate continuously. In addition, the water management strategy is communicated with stakeholders through the Reuse Committee under the Ministry of Environment, and it is transparently disclosed through the company's website and report.

Samsung Semiconductor plans to expand its leadership in water stewardship to its other semiconductor manufacturing sites located both in Korea and abroad in the future.

Samsung Semiconductor is committed to sustainability. In particular, in accordance to AWS requirement, we strive to expand and maintain our certification at a Platinum-level.

As of 2024, Samsung Semiconductor has obtained AWS certifications for Hwaseong, Giheung, Pyeongtaek and Xian site (SCS). Furthermore, on-site AWS certification audits for Cheonan/Onyang Plant will be conducted in August 2024, which will.

Samsung Semiconductor will continue to develop technologies and cooperate to preserve water resources by communicating with various stakeholders.

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