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Samsung steps up to help Taylor neighbors during February ice storm

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In the aftermath of February's ice storm in Central Texas, Samsung Austin Semiconductor looks back on ways challenging circumstances have the ability to bring communities even closer together. In one such example, Taylor residents living along County Road 404, adjacent to the Samsung Taylor construction site, experienced difficulties when icy trees fell across their property blocking their vehicles and driveway. Such challenges in a rural area can be felt acutely for a number of reasons including distant access to resources and sparse populations. However, after many months of close relations with Samsung throughout the Taylor site construction work, the neighbors felt comfortable reaching out to us for the assistance they needed. They initially contacted the nearby Samsung team to inquire about tree trimming assistance, but due to the icy conditions, that type of work would have to wait until the ice melted. Knowing the homeowners couldn't leave their home for supplies, Samsung was able to provide immediate support with some other necessities to help navigate the power outage. After locating warm meals for the neighbors isolated by the downed trees, the team then expanded its efforts to other neighbors by delivering items such as bottled water, food and battery operated lights. According to the Taylor Press, nearly 13,000 customers in the city of Taylor, served by Oncor, were without power the morning of Feb. 1. The residents near the Taylor construction site were without power for more than two days. Messages of appreciation from our closest Taylor neighbors suggest the significance of Samsung's commitment to being good stewards of the communities where we live and work.