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Samsung Austin Semiconductor internship is ‘shining example of what we wanted for Taylor ISD’

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In 2022, Samsung Austin Semiconductor partnered with Taylor Independent School District (ISD) to create an internship program that would help high school students gain firsthand experience of the semiconductor manufacturing industry and acquire a sense of familiarity of life post-graduation. Taylor Mayor Brandt Rydell stated the partnership would help cultivate young students’ experience and help build the workforce needed for the new Taylor plant. This summer, our second class of 24 Taylor ISD students, led by our Workforce Development team, joined us for the six-week paid internship program. The students were assigned to various departments ranging from the Taylor construction site to cyber security. Creating Opportunities
On Friday, July 21, Samsung Austin Semiconductor hosted a celebration for the Taylor interns, their family members and local officials. Taylor Mayor Brandt Rydell recounted the conversation in January 2021 that was the impetus for the internship program. “The judge and I were asked what was important to us if Samsung were to choose Williamson County and Taylor for the site of this incredible project; what expectations did we have of Samsung,” Rydell said. “The first thing that was mentioned, was Judge Bill Gravell saying he wanted internships for Taylor ISD students. Your county judge made that request and made that happen, not only for you but for subsequent classes.” As a Taylor native and 1989 graduate of Taylor High School, Rydell lamented that his only options for a summer job when he was in school was “counting bugs in the fields or maybe working at one of the banks in town.” More than three decades later, new opportunities are coming to the town. “Their [Williamson County and City of Taylor] collaboration together with the school district helped create the opportunity for Samsung to find a new home in Taylor, Texas,” Taylor ISD Superintendent Dr. Devin Padavil said. “When we were envisioning this whole thing, this is a shining example of what we wanted for Taylor ISD.” “When I see students having these opportunities to go out into the workforce and work side-by-side with Samsung, those are opportunities that don’t come around too often,” Taylor ISD school board president Marco Ortiz said. When Gravell addressed the interns, he reminisced about his time sweeping floors in a cabinet shop in Hutto and how he was asked how he would help the next generation of young kids trying to get a job. “When I look at you, what I see are not only kids from Taylor, Texas but I see the future of America. This program is so important to me that every major corporate agreement that Williamson County has signed with major companies now involves internship and mentor programs,” Gravell said. With the summer at Samsung coming to a close, some students are headed to higher education and some are going into their senior year. “Whatever the next path you choose, you get to put on your resume ‘I was a paid internship at Samsung’ and that is huge,” Padavil said to the students. “I hope you take this opportunity and build upon it as you can achieve even greater things in your life,” Rydell added. Click here to read more about the interns volunteering in their hometown.
Taylor ISD students reflect on internship program This summer, two dozen students participated in the paid summer internship, one being Wendy Ibarra, who interned in the Government Relations department. Ibarra, an incoming Taylor High School senior, writes about her time interning at Samsung Austin Semiconductor.
Taylor ISD intern Wendy Ibarra, third from left, with Samsung Austin Semiconductor employees and local officials. During my six weeks as an intern at Samsung Austin Semiconductor, I’ve acquired knowledge of Samsung’s operations, and government relations and communications. This summer, I’ve learned a great deal about myself in terms of passion and professionalism. Some of that knowledge even extends past that and consists of the company’s culture and core values – including integrating more teamwork and learning and passion for success into my daily tasks. This internship program has enabled me to make many great strides in my career by exposing me to such a diverse environment that you get to learn so much from. I got to meet many different people within various departments and acquired insight into their careers and life, alongside building connections with them. While all the interns are from the same small town of Taylor, we were unacquainted with each other. It was a pleasant surprise receiving this opportunity to connect with old and new friends, as we have learned greatly from each other that has made this experience even more gratifying. Interns Melanie Badillo, Angelo Cho, Lluvia Allen-Correa and Bethany Robles, are some of the other students I developed a strong relationship with. I sat down with them to get their take on how their internship went. Ibarra: How has your time here at Samsung Austin Semiconductor been a benefit to you? Lluvia Allen-Correa (Procurement Intern): Interning at Samsung Austin Semiconductor has benefitted me in many ways. Not only has obtaining my first internship at Samsung opened doors to much more in the future, it has also been a very good learning experience. I've been given insight on what working in the corporate world is like and have been given the opportunity to learn how to network, build, and maintain connections for the future. Bethany Robles (Quality & Reliability Intern) One of the most fulfilling aspects of my internship and Samsung Austin Semiconductor is the opportunity to continuously learn new skills that will undoubtedly shape my future. The company's commitment to professional environment has allowed me to expand my knowledge in semiconductor manufacturing. Ibarra: What advantages have you gained from your internship? Melanie Badillo (Communications & Community Affairs Intern): The Communications and Community Affairs team alone has taught me so much. This team has gone out of their way to show me the ropes and show me what a successful business, such as Samsung, needs to be successful: a good relationship with both their employees and the environment around them. This team has taken me under their wing and taught me various skills that need to be acquired to have a successful work space and career. I am beyond grateful for the experience that Samsung has given us. Bethany Robles: Engaging in hands-on projects and collaborating with talented professionals has not only enhanced my technical proficiency but also nurtured my problem-solving skills. This experience has instilled in me a sense of confidence and preparedness for the challenges that lie ahead in my career. Ibarra: How did others help you out in your experience? Do you feel this internship, if anything has impacted your decision on your career? Angelo Cho (IT Strategy Intern): Everyone at Samsung Austin Semiconductor and specifically the IT Strategy department is so supportive. They are never rude when I ask questions; they have strong communication skills, and they actually talk to me like I'm a coworker and not just kid. I feel more encouraged to do this for a job as they make it seem fun. Badillo: I have received a valuable experience that will change my life when I graduate. I was able to hone my skills as well as develop new skills that will be very useful in my future internships and career. Ibarra: What was your favorite part or memory from the internship? Robles: My favorite memory revolves around my passion for cheerleading and the incredible support I received from my colleagues. During my lunch breaks I would eagerly prepare for cheer practice, ensuring that I had my uniform and hair ready to go. It was a funny moment having coworkers walk in to the restroom and look so confused on why I have a whole beauty supply store set up in there. Their unwavering support after my explanation created a sense of camaraderie and a unique work-life balance, allowing me to seamlessly transition from the professional environment to the spirited world of cheerleading. This memory encapsulates the wonderful blend of dedication, teamwork and personal growth that has defined my time at Samsung Austin Semiconductor. Cho: My favorite part of the internship was the hands-on experience in my field, that allowed me to work with people that have the same passion I do. As our internship ends, I can speak for the interns that this experience has been a great opportunity for everyone and has made an impact on our future. I would like to thank local officials and Samsung Austin Semiconductor for making this possible. As a kid from a small, rural town, being able to catapult my foot in the door and start shaping my professional career and future is exciting! I’m pleased to have been a part of this program and amazing learning opportunity. I look forward to be able to give back to my future and my community as well!