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Lawmakers visit Samsung Austin Semiconductor to learn more about industry

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Texas House members visit Samsung Austin Semiconductor AUSTIN -- As advanced semiconductor manufacturing continues to grab headlines, more lawmakers are interested in how the industry operates and how the industry can be supported, both locally and nationally. The Biden-Harris administration has been working with Congress, stakeholders and the private sector to expand U.S. chip manufacturing capacity. In April, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, D-Virginia, toured Samsung Austin Semiconductor to see firsthand how the semiconductor manufacturing industry is vital to the economy. In the same month, Samsung Austin Semiconductor also hosted members of the Innovation and Technology Caucus of the State Texas House of Representatives. State Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, R-Tarrant County, who worked in the semiconductor industry, is the chairman of the Innovation and Technology Caucus, so he has a unique understanding of how prevalent chips are to our lives. "I've always known—and it's becoming more evident—how important semiconductors are to our everyday lives. Whether it's when you first make something in the microwave in the morning or when you get in your car to go drive to work, literally hundreds of thousands of semiconductors are involved in your day-to-day activities," Capriglione explained. "And what we're seeing, unfortunately, is that we need more of them. We need more of them manufactured here in America and manufactured…period." Capriglione added that being able to see the industry grow in Texas is exciting for the state in terms of job creation and innovation. "We can learn more about what each other's roles are. For us, it's public policy. See what we can do as a state to grow this industry in Texas," Capriglione said. Chairwoman Angie Chen Button, R-Richardson, also highlighted the semiconductor industry during April's House International Relations and Economic Development Committee meeting. In May, the Austin site also hosted the Ripon Society where Samsung Austin Semiconductor's Government Relations team had the opportunity to discuss issues impacting a wide range of industries and the importance of the CHIPS for America Act and FABS Act.
From left to right: U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, Samsung Austin Semiconductor Corporate Vice Presidents Jon Taylor and Sang Ki Bae.