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[Statement] Regarding negative news coverage on our 5/4nm process development

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Recent media coverages on the delay of Samsung Electronics’s 5/4nm process development are inaccurate and have no factual basis. Please find our official statement regarding the state of our 5/4nm process technologies below. Samsung 5nm process node - Samsung has already started mass production of its 5nm EUV process in Q2 2020 and plans to ramp up volume production in 2H 2020 with an expanded customer base. The yield rates of 5nm process are being improved as planned. Samsung 4nm process node - 1st generation process development is on track. Samsung is also accelerating the development of 2nd generation 4nm process technology in support of a diverse set of advanced applications while at the same time strengthening our process portfolio. - Additionally PPA (Power, Performance, Area) improvements in this 2nd generation of 4nm process, will further expand Samsung’s leadership in advanced process technology offerings.