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Stabilization Solution for ISOCELL Slim 3P9

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Image stabilization is a feature that corrects images and videos taken with an unwanted shaking due to a hand tremor or unsteady walking. This feature is becoming highly critical as more and more users are using their mobile devices to record clips expecting them to be stable and natural in composition.​ A conventional stabilization solution compensates motions by analyzing 2-D data, or image and motion information, of each and every frame. However, due to the complexity of 2-D data calculation, this action requires high processing power. The Samsung ISOCELL Slim 3P9 provides synchronized gyro information for much easier calculation thus more power efficient.​ Furthermore, Samsung offers an advanced and power efficient EIS (Electrical Image Stabilization) software solution. The solution based on gyro synchronizer utilizes gyro data to compensate for unwanted movements up to approximately 6-degrees of each yaw and pitch axis. For more information, please download the brochure (PDF file) below.