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[Infographic] Samsung’s Portable SSD T7 Series Delivers Reliable Performance and Increased Durability

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Samsung Electronics’ Portable Solid State Drive (PSSD) T7 Series brings durability and upgraded performance in three devices that fit in the palm of your hand: the T7, T7 Touch and T7 Shield. All devices in the T7 Series offer a read speed of 1,050 megabytes per second (MB/s) and a write speed of 1,000 MB/s, delivering reliable high speeds up to 9.5 times faster than external hard disk drives (HDD) without degradation in performance. Whether you’re storing critical business documents, games, or movies, the T7, T7 Touch and T7 Shield do it all in a palm-sized package. The 85-by-57-millimeter T7 and T7 Touch and 88-by-59-millimeter T7 Shield offer the user credit card-sized portability. Optimized to be compatible across a variety of devices, including PC, Mac, Android devices and gaming consoles, the T7, T7 Touch and T7 Shield come with increased security to ensure data is protected even if the device gets lost. The T7 Touch even offers the option of unlocking with a touch of your finger or with a password, so you can keep your private files secure without sacrificing convenience. What’s more, Samsung’s T7 Shield is its most durable PSSD yet — built to withstand falls of up to 3 meters. The T7 Shield is IP65-certified as both water and dust-resistant yet weighs a mere 98 grams, making it the perfect compact storage device for those who work on the go. Designed to store everything from large work files to photos and videos of memorable moments, the T7 Series provides users with the ease of mind that their data is secure in devices that are built to last. Take a look at the infographic below to learn more about the groundbreaking features of the T7, T7 Touch and T7 Shield.