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[Webinar] Samsung Foundry & Memory: A Fully Vertically Integrated HBM3 System Solution

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Building or planning for your next HPC, AI or ML chip design? Considering using HBM memory? Concerned about the HBM memory or using an interposer? Need to determine what controller IP to use or if the PHY is the right one? Deciding how to test this or the integration of memory, packaging (interposer) and logic? These questions and more will be addressed during our upcoming webinar. Join our webinar on March 1st at 10:00am PT to learn how Samsung can easily integrate HBM into your next generation system with a silicon verified test chip, the latest HBM3 memory and a fully vertically integrated HBM system test platform. Our Memory and Foundry experts, Seongjin Lee and Kevin Yee, will also discuss the trends happening in the HPC market along with the impact memory is playing in those systems – from DDR/LPDDR to HBM. Learn about the latest HBM memory, Controller and PHY IP, integrating interposer, and packaging into a single platform. A live Q&A session with both speakers will be offered after the presentation.