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Introducing Samsung Telemetry Service, Elevating Data Center Performance to New Heights

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Today’s hyperscale data centers need to process and generate vast amounts of data. When it comes to server stability, the hyperscale era is a whole new frontier where exponential growth and expansion means new challenges in reliability and efficiency. Enter Samsung Telemetry Service, an advanced tool helping enterprise customers remotely analyze and manage their devices. It guarantees the stability of data, allowing data center operators to prevent future drive failures, manage drive replacement, migrate data, and drive acquisition strategies.
Samsung Telemetry Service leverages cutting-edge SSDs to gather standardized information in an encrypted format, facilitating the continuous analysis of server issues reported by customers. The data collected undergoes periodic validation with Samsung's cloud infrastructure to identify potential problems, ensuring that any issues are promptly addressed. In addition, Samsung offers an exclusive tool known as SHIFT (Samsung Health checking Initial FA Tool), designed for swift and independent issue analysis, which helps customers further diagnose problems discovered through Samsung Telemetry Service. This forward-thinking approach empowers Samsung to implement measures that enhance server efficiency while optimizing operational expenses and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Samsung Telemetry Service is an innovative enterprise solution for unmatched stability and efficiency in fast moving AI Era.