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[Video] 5G memory solutions : 5G. All in the Memory.

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Despite their miniscule size, Samsung’s LPDDR5 and UFS contain the capabilities to unlock the vast world of 5G. These diminutive packages represent Samsung’s readiness to deliver the hugely transformative potential of 5G. LPDDR5 reaches pin speeds of 6,400 Mbps, while its high-speed UFS maintains write speeds of 900 MB/s. The combined solutions unlock the enormous potential of the world of 5G for smartphones, resulting in rapid transfer speeds, seamless gaming, live sports streaming and smart AR searches. The pair of solutions will additionally enable the high-tech innovations of the future, which include VR gaming and autonomous driving. Check out the video, which highlights all the ways in which the LPDDR5 and UFS are empowering next- level smartphone performance and connectivity.