An image of concentric circles spreading to the center of the vehicle's silhouette.

Automotive Image Sensor - ISOCELL Auto 4AC

Intelligent vision for smart mobility

The ISOCELL Auto 4AC is the first ISOCELL image sensor optimized for automotive applications.
Featuring the innovative CornerPixelTM technology, the sensor delivers improved driving experiences
with advanced high dynamic range and LED flicker mitigation (LFM) capabilities.

Automotive Image Sensor

all-round vision

Experience unobstructed vision from front to back. Designed for surround view monitors or rear-view cameras, ISOCELL Auto 4AC offers drivers improved view of the road in high-definition resolution. The sensor packs 1.2 million 3.0-micrometer (µm) pixels into a 1/3.7-inch optical format and features an image signal processor for streamlined client system installations.

An image showing a vehicle parked through a surround view monitor.

High Dynamic Range

Impressive clarity in all conditions

Fast changing lighting conditions or high-contrast environments may create unnecessary distractions for drivers. With 120dB HDR capability, ISOCELL Auto 4AC offers a clear view of the road no matter the lighting condition.

This is an image that is divided in half and compared. On the left, the outside of the tunnel is clearly visible, and on the right, the outside of the tunnel is blurry.



LED Flicker Mitigation

Precise view of
the road

The ISOCELL Auto 4AC comes with CornerPixel, a specialized pixel structure to minimize LED flickering, providing an accurate view of the driving environment. By controlling its exposure time, the sensor can prevent pulsing LED light from being displayed as flickering on the camera screen, and mitigate the effect of these flashes and of LED light over 90Hz. With this function, the sensor can ensure that drivers have a more pleasant and precise viewing experience on the monitoring display.

An Image illustrating LED flicker mitigation through in-vehicle surround views.


Reliability you can trust

Engineered to comply with stringent industry standards, including the AEC-Q100 Grade 2 requirements, the ISOCELL Auto 4AC is able to withstand a wide range of ambient temperatures from minus 40 to 105 degrees Celsius.

An image of a vehicle running on the road in snowy cold weather.


  • Resolution
    1280x960 (1.2M)
  • Pixel Size
  • Optical Format
  • Frame Rate
    60fps @HDR
  • HDR
  • Operating Temperature
    -40~125℃ (Junction)
  • Interface
    MIPI 4-lane
  • Chroma
  • Package
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