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Samsung Foundry provides fundamental RTL-to-GDS design
methodology documents and scripts(so-called "Foundry DM") to help
customers to design sophisticated products
in Samsung Foundry process.

Reference Flow

Samsung Foundry DM integrates Samsung Foundry's decades of experience in building top-notch mobile and consumer products by tackling all the UDSM process node challenges. It is silicon-proven and PPA-optimized providing the shortest path to the most competitive product in the industry. Also, through in-depth collaboration with EDA companies, Samsung Foundry provides an EDA reference flow.
With EDA reference flow development, all major EDA tools are certified in the Samsung Foundry process and the EDA toolchain / flow is validated with Samsung Foundry standards.

Application Specific Solution


As the automotive industry moved to autonomous vehicles, a variety of safety measures have been integrated into modern vehicles. Currently, a huge number of electronic components are integrated into vehicles as a part of implemented safety mechanisms. Automotive SoCs must be designed to give a certain level of quality/reliabilty, and functional safety. Accordingly, automotive SoCs must be compliant with two representative standards such as ISO 26262 on functional safety and AEC-Q100 on stress test-driven qualification. Samsung Foundry provides an automotive design methodology that addresses the need of customers to obtain a qualified and reliable design. The figure illustrates the dedicated solutions for automotive SoC design which should be considered to comply with automotive standards and automotive-specific requirements. In the figure, solutions illustrated in navy boxes are tied to ISO 26262 and solutions illustrated in green boxes are tied to AEC-Q100 and AEC-Q004. For more information on each solution, refer to the respective documents.

the image about AEC-Q100

High Performance

The era of HPC applications demands a robust and accurate system design methodology to handle the vast and varied technology challenges to be overcome in the multiple domains of SI/PI/Thermal/Testability. Samsung Foundry is well positioned with its vast experience and innovative design flows to help its customers implement their HPC designs with excellent design infrastructure and service to promote fast TAT and high first-pass tape-outs. For further information on any aspects of the HPC design flow and how Samsung could help your HPC product ramp up to volume production, feel free to reach out to your nearest or designated Samsung representative.

the image about interposer

Internet of Things

The IoT applications demand an ultra-low voltage and reliable design methodology to extend the lifetime of battery-operated devices, such as smart cards, wireless sensors, and hearable, wearable, voice-controlled products. Ultra-low-voltage design dramatically reduces energy consumption while enabling reliable operation in IoT applications. However, it is very vulnerable to process, voltage, and temperature variations. Samsung Foundry ultra-low voltage solutions have addressed all of these challenges and it includes many advanced design solutions for energy-efficient design.

Advanced Methodology Consulting


The Multi-Die Integration(MDI™) Design solutionservice is a one-stop seamless solution provider covering the full spectrum of services from basic design setup to physical verification and also capable of reducing design TAT and cost by performance-driven early check-ups and fully sign-off to provide excellent customer satisfaction based on the synergy of on/off chip optimization and analysis in 2.5D/3D complex design.

the image about MDI Designer

Low power & Thermal methodology

Samsung Foundry's advanced low power / thermal solutions can be adopted from design setup to system operation, and they can offer the world's best technologies to meet the requirements of performance, power, and reliability which are mandatory for almost all applications like mobile, IoT, AI, and automotive.

Power & Signal

The PSI solution service is a one-stop turnkey solution provider covering the full spectrum of services from basic PSI sign-off guidance to customer-defined platform PSI design guidance and is also capable of consulting services to achieve excellent customer satisfaction based on the synergy of on/off-chip optimization.

HPC PSI Turnkey Solution Chip / Board / PSI Solution
HPC PSI Images of out-of-the-box solutions


Samsung Foundry provides Industry-leading DFT solutions that satisfy the urgent needs of ultra test cost reduction, high-quality test and fast yield ramp-up through ideal DFT approaches to understanding the Samsung Foundry process. Application-specific DFT solutions for Automotive, HPC/AI, IoT and 5G are offered to solve imminent and future challenges in design, test and yield.

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