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SAFE™ Cloud Program Alliance

Bring Every Design Idea to Life

Since 2020, Samsung Foundry has been moving the global foundry ecosystem forward with the SAFE™ Cloud program. Through collaboration
with major public cloud service providers and leading Electronic Design Automation (EDA) companies, the SAFE™ Cloud program offers
customers a truly flexible design experience.

Providing an Optimized,
Ultra-Fast Design Environment

The SAFE™ Cloud Design Platform (CDP) allows fabless customers to utilize process design kits (PDK), design methodologies (DM),
electronic design automation (EDA) tools, and intellectual property (IP) from Samsung Foundry and our key partners.

SAFE™ CDP provides access to industry-leading hardware resources, servers, and storage space without investment in large-scale IT infrastructure, thanks to on-demand computing. With easy utilization of Samsung Foundry’s advanced process technology, SAFE™ CDP allows customers to fully focus on designing innovative high-performance, low-power semiconductors to excel in the data-centric era. By taking advantage of this cutting-edge platform, customers will experience new levels of design flexibility and scalability.

  • Application on Cloud

    Seamless increase of hardware resources when necessary

  • Service on Cloud

    Accelerated tape-out through utilization of hardware resources

  • Flow & Solution on Cloud

    Enhanced performance with cloud-based certified EDA flows and cloud optimization solutions

  • Direct Platform

    Quick and convenient platform environment that’s always ready to use

Who we work with

Meet Our SAFE™ Cloud Partners