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Samsung Foundry Forum 2022

Samsung Foundry successfully held SFF 2022, the first since 2019.
For those partners and customers who registered for the event,
please enjoy the online content.

Samsung Foundry Forum 2022 Highlights

Samsung Foundry announced a strengthened business strategy for its Foundry Business with
the introduction of cutting-edge technologies at Samsung Foundry Forum.

Watch a recap to catch anything you might have missed!

What Happened at
Samsung Foundry Forum 2022

Samsung Foundry Forum 2022 Keynotes

Experience the heat of Samsung Foundry's technological prowess

* People who have already registered for the in-person event can log in with the same ID and password you have registered before.

This video is the Siyoung Choi's Keynote of Samsung Foundry Forum 2022 US
Together Creating A Better “New Normal”
  • Siyoung Choi President & GM of Samsung Foundry
  • This video is Jim Thompson's Keynote 'Achieving power efficiencies beyond process technology' of Samsung Foundry Forum 2022 US
    Achieving power efficiencies beyond process technology
    • Jim Thompson CTO, Qualcomm
  • This video is Gitae Jeong and Jong-Ho Lee's Keynote 'Process Technology' of Samsung Foundry Forum 2022 US
    Process Technology
    • Gitae Jeong EVP, Head of Technology Development team
    • Jong-Ho Lee VP, Head of Specialty Technology team
  • This video is Moonsoo Kang's Keynote 'Advanced Heterogeneous Integration' of Samsung Foundry Forum 2022 US
    Advanced Heterogeneous Integration
    • Moonsoo Kang EVP, Head of Business Development team
  • This video is YK Hong and Jonathan Taylor's Keynote 'Manufacturing Excellence' of Samsung Foundry Forum 2022 US
    Manufacturing Excellence
    • YK Hong VP, Head of Foundry Yield Enhancement team
    • Jonathan J Taylor VP, Head of SAS FAB Engineering
  • This video is Ryan Lee's Keynote 'Business Outlook & Local Engagement' of Samsung Foundry Forum 2022 US
    Design Platform
    • Ryan Lee EVP, Head of Design Platform Development
  • This video is Sang-Pil Sim and Marco Chisari's Keynote 'Business Outlook & Local Engagement' of Samsung Foundry Forum 2022 US
    Business Outlook
    • Sang-Pil Sim EVP, Head of Worldwide Sales and Marketing
    • Marco Chisari EVP, Head of Americas Office Foundry Sales & Marketing