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The competitiveness of the semiconductor ecosystem grows with the power of communication
Commitment to shared growth based on continuous communication

The semiconductor industry is a highly sophisticated, technology-intensive industry that cannot be completed with just one company’s technology and capabilities alone, therefore cooperation with other companies is important. To ensure that the complex semiconductor production process runs smoothly, communication with partner companies is essential. Samsung Semiconductor aims to go beyond simple communication for business progress to form strong mutual trust with its partner companies to realize shared growth and strengthen the semiconductor ecosystem.

Partner company communication activities

We support regular communication activities between partner companies and relevant internal departments and collect various opinions to strengthen cooperation for shared growth, steadily improving our systems and policies.

  • Regular meetings with partner companies

    Regular meetings with partner company representatives and site managers to collect opinions and suggestions

  • Associations

    Maintaining cooperative relationships with 201 member companies and holding subcommittee meetings for mutual development through information exchange and joint technology development

  • DS Specialized
  • Internal shared growth cooperation councils

    Monthly meetings between executives of relevant departments to improve policy systems of the partner companies

  • Win-win newsletter

    Publishing a monthly newsletter that includes information on win-win support programs for partner companies, announcements of internal policy changes, and more

Through regular communication with our partner companies, we will strengthen the competitiveness of the semiconductor ecosystem

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