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    to meaningful innovation
  • Respect One Another Join a culture that values mutual respect and professionalism among top talents
  • Pursue Growth Stretch your potential to the fullest
    with extensive learning and development opportunities

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People at Samsung
India Research

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Hear from
our people

Promoting an inclusive workforce can harness the power of diverse perspectives to drive innovation and archieve better business outcomes, As leaders in the industry, it’s our responsibility to champion a culture that empowers and values people,
regardless of gender, race, or background Let’s take action to create a semiconductor industry that truly reflects the world we live in and the future that we want to build!

- Shivendra Srivastava, Head of People Group (HR)

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Career Tracks at
Samsung Semiconductor India

We are powered by talented people across
diverse teams from hardware to software,
engineering to support functions.
Whether you’re an intern, young or senior
professional, we offer exciting opportunities
for the next step on your career journey!

  • Design verification

    Navigate the byzantine circuits of your design

    to unleash
    the hidden flaws and optimize performance. Play the ultimate game of "what if", while discovering and fixing potential issues
    before they become real problems.

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  • Physical design

    Create a design that's optimized for speed,

    power and size,
    like a sports car engineered

    for peak performance. Use precision and expertise to carve a chip design out of silicon that's timeless, high-performing with maximum efficiency.

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  • RTL design

    Defining and transforming System Architecture into tangible reality. Design the digital blueprint
    of the system with Register-transfer Level (RTL)

    as a language that brings hardware to life.

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  • Analog design

    Build a Harmony of electrical signals,

    while designing a circuit.

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  • Firmware development

    Creating a digital interface that acts as a translator
    between hardware & software enabling smooth
    communication and interaction.

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  • Embedded driver development

    Craft drivers that provide the necessary control & flexibility
    for Hardware, while also maintaining compatibility with software.

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  • Design for testability

    Engineer high-quality chips using Design for Testability
    to ensure optimal functionality

    and flawless execution.

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