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  • The future of
    entertainment from within
    The future of
    entertainment from within
    The future of
    entertainment from within

    An illustrative image of a person playing gaming console connected to a tv.

Display for your infinite imagination

As much as our imaginations are boundless, so are the possibilities of what we can do with our display devices. Not only can we watch more vivid videos, but we can also play games and do remote medical treatments.

Samsung has a variety of powerful solutions to expand the possibilities of displays around us, including TVs, laptops, and tablets. Samsung's DTV SoCs are one of leading solutions to the 8K revolution. 8K resolution enables more detailed expression with graphics that are 4 times more detailed than 4K. It allows viewers to enjoy content more vividly.

Furthermore, Samsung's IoT SE protects the users' information stored in display devices such as TVs, tablets, and laptops.

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