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Why Foundry is Crucial: Solutions to the AI Era Unveiled at Samsung Foundry Forum 2023

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On June 27, key members of the global semiconductor industry gathered again in Silicon Valley, California, for Samsung Foundry Forum (SFF) 2023. SFF is an important event where Samsung Foundry unveils its latest technologies, business strategies and vision for the future. The first SFF event held this year, SFF 2023 attracted more than 700 attendees comprised of numerous key customers and 52 partners, to share Samsung Foundry’s innovative technologies and look ahead to the future.
Under the theme of ‘Innovation Beyond Boundaries,’ Samsung Electronics showcased various process technologies and services, including its “Gate-All-Around” (GAA) transistor technology that enables cutting-edge semiconductors for artificial intelligence (AI) applications. The company further promised reliable customer support by presenting various foundry solutions to overcome the limits of semiconductor miniaturization.
In his keynote speech, Dr. Siyoung Choi, President and Head of Samsung Electronics’ Foundry Business, captured the attention of every attendee as he said, “AI is creating a new market by widening and even converging applications into server, mobile, automotive and so on. The influence, drawn from AI, will surely change the paradigm of our industry. In the era of AI, we think it’s crucial to share our vision for the future of Samsung Foundry with everyone here today. This includes our ongoing innovation in advanced technology and stabilizing our supply chain both domestically and internationally to meet future demand. Our vision also covers making our R&D capabilities stronger and working more closely with our partners on areas such as advanced packaging.”
Samsung Foundry Forum 2023 was only the second in-person Samsung event since the pandemic. Check out the video below to experience the atmosphere of SFF 2023, where members of the foundry ecosystem, including key customers and partners, came together to share their excitement for Samsung Foundry.

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