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Performance Boost with Exynos 5 Series 7872 Mobile Processor

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In the early 2000s, a smartphone did just a bit more than making a phone call, such as event scheduling or basic web/email, and were geared toward corporate customers. Now with innovative advancements in mobile processors, such as the Exynos processor, a smartphone has become powerful enough to browse the full web, play console-like games, and take high quality pictures, completely changing the way we live our lives. For new innovative features or faster performance, the mobile processor in premium smartphones have integrated big-cores or performance-driven processing cores while the smartphones that are in the mid-price/performance range are usually powered by processors that consist of relatively slower processing cores. While these little cores are capable of addressing everyday tasks, their performance may not be powerful enough to run newly available apps or features. To bring the top notch performance in today’s premium smartphones closer to mid-range mobile devices, Samsung added a powerful CPU core, the Cortex-A73, to build a new breed of mid-range chipset, the Exynos 5 Series 7872 processor. The Exynos 7872, built on a 14-nanometer (nm) FinFET process technology for excellent power efficiency, brings a new level of performance with a hexa-core CPU configured with two 2.0GHz ARM® Cortex®-A73 and four 1.6GHz Cortex®-A53 cores. With the addition of powerful CPU, the Exynos 7872 improves the individual single-core performance by two folds, when compared to its predecessor, enabling faster web browsing, app launching and other operations on a smartphone in its class. For always on and fast mobile data speeds, the Exynos 7872 embeds LTE modem that supports aggregation of up to two carriers with peak data rates up to 300Mbps for downlink and 150Mbps for uplink. The modem comes with a 6-mode network support that includes CDMA, GSM, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, LTE-FDD and LTE-TDD modes. For global location positioning coverage, the processor embeds a GNSS(Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver. And the Exynos 7872 also integrates connectivity features including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5. For more enjoyable multimedia experiences, the Exynos 7872 features an upgraded ISP and MFC that supports full HD video encoding and decoding at 120fps with HEVC(H.265) and H.264 codecs by using 21.7MP high resolution camera. Last but not the least, the Exynos 7872 also supports out-focusing photography and a dual camera feature that are usually found in premium smartphones. By combining the information from RGB and monochrome camera, the Exynos 7872 can create out-focus effect to make photographs more visually appealing. The Exynos processor is dedicated to bring innovative technologies for mobile devices across all levels of performance. With large improvements in CPU, GPU, LTE modem, and ISP, the Exynos 7872 will change and improve the current perception of the mid-range devices.