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[Video] Here To Upgrade the World: Introducing Samsung’s Game-Changing DDR5 Solution

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The age of DDR5 has arrived. From 5G and artificial intelligence (AI) to metaverse and augmented reality (AR), high-performance computing is pushing the limits of server environments to process massive amounts of data at extremely high speeds. Understanding that tech giants the world over are set to add droves of servers to their data centers, Samsung Electronics has developed its DDR5 memory solutions to play a key role in empowering future-oriented industries to perform at their peak. Future-First Memory Solutions for Data-Driven Innovation With the development of their DDR5 solution, Samsung, a company known for changing the landscape of the global dynamic random access memory (DRAM) market, has introduced yet another generational shift in the IT industry. Furthermore, following the release earlier this year of CPUs that support DDR5, tremendous change is expected in the computing landscape, too, with growth expected to encompass gaming and mainstream PCs as well. Compared to its predecessor which hit the market in 2013, DDR4, DDR5 DRAM boasts twice the speed and four times the capacity, at 4800Mpbs and 512GB respectively. 1 This next-generation high-performance memory allows networks to handle the soaring amounts of data generated by cloud computing, AI and autonomous driving systems. Unlike DDR4, DDR5 directly incorporates a power management integrated circuit (PMIC) into a dual in-line memory module (DIMM), resulting in a 30 percent increase in power efficiency on the module level and a more stable power supply. Data centers are the main users of DDR5, since, in order to work at their full potential, they require low-power, high-performance memory as they consume large amounts of energy to perform operations and keep servers cool. Starting from the third quarter of this year, existing DRAMs for servers are set to steadily be replaced by DDR5, a shift that could help data centers stay cost-efficient and encourage sustainable, eco-friendly development. Going beyond the performance limitations of existing DRAMs, DDR5 will be pivotal in leading data-driven innovation in terms of speed, capacity, and eco-friendliness. In order to learn more about the new world DDR5 is helping to build, take a look at the video below.

1 These figures concern modules for servers.

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